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Founded in 1996, Stylus publishes books and journals that focus on higher education, and books on inclusive teaching in K-12. Our higher education program covers such areas as teaching and learning, service learning, assessment, online learning, racial diversity on campus, women’s issues, student affairs, doctoral education, and leadership and administration. In 2005, Stylus acquired the publishing program of AAHE, and was appointed publisher for ACPA in 2009.
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Patricia Cranton receives the Order of Canada in 2016
Congratulations to Patricia Cranton who has been awarded the Order of Canada in 2016 For her contributions to the field of adult education, as an authority on transformative learning who encourages critical and autonomous thinking.

Disrupting the Culture of Silence named CHOICE Outstanding Academic Title
Congratulations to the editors and contributors of Disrupting the Culture of Silence. The book was named a 2015 Outstanding Academic Title by CHOICE Reviews.

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Are You Smart Enough? Alexander W. Astin
“Professor Astin discusses a fundamental defect in the way professors and college officials regard their students, their own approach to teaching, and the quality of their institution. Every faculty member, dean, and college president can benefit from reflecting on the message of this book and pondering
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- Derek Bok, former President of Harvard University
Linked Courses for General Education and Integrative Learning Margot Soven, Dolores Lehr, Siskanna Naynaha, Wendy Olson
"In one sense this book is most relevant for faculty at institutions which offer linked courses or are contemplating such programs. However, other readers may find these examples useful as illustrations of ways to make individual courses more interdisciplinary as well or develop team-taught courses or
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- Teaching Theology and Religion