SoTL in Action
Illuminating Critical Moments of Practice

Edited by Nancy L. Chick
Foreword by James Rhem
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Published: October 2018  

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Publisher: Stylus Publishing
176 pp., 6" x 9"
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What are the foundational moments of meaningful scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL) projects? How do teacher-scholars collect, develop, and share useful insights about student learning? How do they work through the pinch points that frustrate, confuse, or elude many SoTL practitioners? By unpacking SoTL processes through rich narratives that illustrate what they look like, this collection offers inspiration to anyone at any stage of engagement with SoTL.

This book takes discussions of SoTL to a new level. Its subtitle reflects the microscopic lenses SoTL processes can apply to student learning experiences to understand how they happen, what they look like, what they mean, and what we can do about them. Going beyond definitions, how-to, theory, and debates about methods and standards, the contributors offer a SoTL primer documenting how practitioners have intentionally thought through key moments in their work. These procedural vignettes present powerful examples of what doing SoTL looks like when done well.

The authors represent a range of disciplines (the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and professions) and a mixture of familiar and unfamiliar names. Nancy Chick has selected contributions that compellingly illuminate why their authors focused on a particular critical moment, the questions they asked as they refined their approaches, and the theoretical and observational tools they employed to conduct their research. Each introduces a specific critical moment in doing SoTL, taking the reader through the author’s reflections, concerns, and choices in doing meaningful SoTL work.

The aim is to support potential practitioners, inform educational developers who teach new SoTL practitioners, and inspire experienced SoTL scholars to reflect on their own practice. This is a compelling collection for anyone interested in practitioner reflection, intentional design, and advancing the field of SoTL and the quality of teaching and learning.

Table of Contents:
Foreword—James Rhem

Part One: Strong Foundations
1) Using Intuition, Anecdote, and Observation: Rich Sources of SoTL Projects—Gary Poole
2) Learning Matters: Asking Meaningful Questions—Anthony Ciccone
3) The SoTL Literature Review: Exploring New Territory—Margy MacMillan
4) Educational Research and SoTL: Converging in the Commons—Kimberley A. Grant
5) Identifying a Tradition of Inquiry: Articulating Research Assumptions—Carol Berenson
6) Ensuring Design Alignment in SoTL Inquiry: Merging Research Purpose and Methods—Robin Mueller
7) Respect, Justice, and Doing Good: The Ethics Review—Ryan C. Martin

Part Two: Methods and Methodologies
8) Methods and Measures Matter: Meaningful Questionnaires—Trent W. Maurer
9) Classroom Observations: Exploring How Learning Works—Bill Cerbin
10) Conducting Interviews: Capturing What Is Unobserved—Janice Miller-Young
11) Close Reading: Paying Attention to Student Artifacts—Karen Manarin
12) Student Think-Alouds: Making Thinking and Learning Visible—Lendol Calder

Part Three: Making an Impact
13) Writing SoTL: Going Public for an Extended Audience—Jessie L. Moore
14) Reading SoTL: Exploring Scholarly Conversations—David J. Voelker
15) Developing SoTL Locally: From Classroom to Learning Object—Dan Bernstein
16) The SoTL Conference: Learning While Professing—Jennifer Meta Robinson



Reviews & Endorsements:
SoTL in Action is a distinctly different – and distinctly wonderful – book about the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. Readers are invited to sit down with a diverse range of experts for inviting in-depth conversations about central aspects of SoTL. Whether you’re new to or experienced with SoTL, this book will encourage you to think – and to act – with more clarity and purpose as a scholar of learning and teaching.”
- Peter Felten, Assistant Provost for Teaching and Learning, Executive Director of the Center for Engaged Learning, and Professor of History , Elon University
“This book is quite simply essential reading for anyone engaged in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. It brings together a virtual Who’s Who of SoTL across the disciplines and across methodologies, and the essays assembled here touch on every important issue in the field. Whether you are new to SoTL or are an experienced practitioner, this book is for you.”
- Mills Kelly, President , International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning