Excellence in Higher Education Guide
A Framework for the Design, Assessment, and Continuing Improvement of Institutions, Departments, and Programs
Edition: 8

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Published: March 2016  

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Published: April 2016  

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Publisher: Stylus Publishing
110 pp., 8 1/2" x 11"
The new (eighth) edition of the Excellence in Higher Education Guide: A Framework for the Design, Assessment and Continuous Improvement of Institutions, Departments and Programs updates and extends the classic EHE series. This edition includes a broad and integrated approach to design, assessment, planning, and improvement of colleges and universities of all types, as well as individual academic, student affairs, administrative and services units. The framework included in the Guide is adaptable to institutions and units with any mission, and is consistent with the current directions within regional and programmatic accreditation.

Based on the Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award framework, this bestseller is the definitive tool for college and university administrators. The flexibility of the EHE model makes it appropriate for use with administrative or academic departments, with administrative or faculty councils or senate, and with programs, centers, or institutes. Moreover, the framework can be used by an entire college or university or with a particular department, division or campus.

The EHE program includes everything you need to conduct a self-assessment workshop. The Guide provides facilitators with a solid understanding of the EHE model, providing detailed guidance in each of the seven areas:

• Leadership
• Purposes and Plans
• Beneficiary and Constituency Relationships
• Programs and Services
• Faculty/Staff and Workplace
• Metrics, Assessment and Analysis
• Outcomes and Achievements

The eighth edition series also includes a Workbook and Scoring Instructions (available in print and electronic format) and Facilitator’s Materials (available only by download).

The Guide is also sold as an ebook bundle with the Facilitator's materials.

Table of Contents:
A Time of Challenge and Opportunity
An Integrated Approach to Institution, Department, and Program Advancement
Core Concepts and Review Process
The Excellence in Higher Education Framework
Overview of the Institution, Department, or Program
Category 1: Leadership
Category 2: Purposes and Plans
Category 3: Beneficiary and Constituency Relationships
Category 4: Programs and Services
Category 5: Faculty/Staff and Workplace
Category 6: Metrics, Assessment, and Analysis
Category 7: Outcomes and Achievements
References and Suggested Readings

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