The New Talent Acquisition Frontier
Integrating HR and Diversity Strategy in the Private and Public Sectors and Higher Education

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Awarded a Silver Medal in the category Human Resources and Employee Training from the 2014 Axiom Business Book Awards

• Create the inclusive, high performance workforce needed to succeed in an increasing multicultural society and global marketplace

• Learn how global organizations and leading professional associations develop integrated HR/diversity talent strategies, and the specific challenges they face

• Get practical tools to assess integrated HR/diversity strategic planning, and see why organizations are not making more diversity progress

• Develop specific performance indicators to track your progress in implementing synergistic HR/diversity approaches

• Case studies of SHRM, federal and state government, global corporations, and higher education illustrate systematic, integrated HR/diversity efforts

For HR professionals and leaders, chief diversity officers, line managers, and executives in the private and public sectors and higher education, this book presents a systematic approach to integrating HR practices and strategic diversity initiatives to create the inclusive, high performance workforce that every enterprise and institution needs to succeed in an increasingly multicultural society and global marketplace.

The authors’ point of departure is that talent is the primary strategic asset necessary for organizational survival and success in a demographically diversifying and globally interconnected world. Organizations seeking to attain their full potential in this new talent frontier must optimize their human capital resources by the deliberate development of synergy between human resource (HR) and diversity programs. Failure to integrate and coordinate these two functions will erode organizational competitiveness, whether it is in developing new markets, products, programs, or services.

As the first book to provide a concrete roadmap to integrated HR and diversity strategy, the authors identify two critical practices: talent management through the orchestration of HR and diversity programs to enhance organizational capability by unleashing, mobilizing, nurturing, and sustaining the contributions of a diverse and talented workforce; and talent sustainability through the close integration of HR and diversity to continuously develop systems, structures, processes, and a culture that heighten employee commitment, engagement, and inclusion.

They further believe that there should be a commonality of practice across all types of organizations, and that each sector can learn from the others to accelerate its adaptation to today’s rapidly shifting national and global realities.

Based on the most current research and on interviews with HR and diversity leaders in major organizations, this book provides the reader with concrete strategies and practical tools for implementing a successful and sustainable talent management program. It also addresses common barriers to the development of synergistic HR and diversity strategy, and how to overcome them.

Given the evolutionary nature of the integration of HR and diversity, the authors present nine extensive case studies from all organizational sectors, as well as from the two leading Human Resource professional associations – the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and the College and University Professional Association for Human Resources (CUPA-HR) – to illustrate the dynamic intersection between HR and diversity practices.

Table of Contents:
Foreword 1 - Andy Brantley
Foreword 2 - Benjamin D. Reese Jr.

1. The Business Case for Integrating HR and Diversity Strategy
The Global Imperative
Diversity, Demography, and HR Strategy
Driving Change from the Outside In
Misconceptions about HR’s Diversity Role
Barriers to Integrated HR/Diversity Practices
Ten Predominant Themes in Diversity Transformation Across All Sectors
Unifying Bureaucracy to Create Synergistic Talent Approaches
Strategic and Tactical Questions for Further Discussion
Case Study 1: Formation of the HR Outreach and Diversity Office in the State of Rhode Island
Case Study 2: Leading a Global HR/Diversity Initiative at the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM)

2. Reciprocal Empowerment: The Foundation of Inclusive Talent Practices
Reciprocal Empowerment as Organizational Commitment
Defining the Discourse of Diversity and Inclusion
Diversity Capability as a Core Intangible Asset
HR’s Diversity Evolution
HR Redesign for Diversity
The Pathway to Inclusion: Why Reciprocal Empowerment Matters
Strategic and Tactical Questions for Further Discussion
Case Study 3: Building Diversity Capability at Ingersoll Rand
Case Study 4: Strategic HR and Diversity Collaboration at Duke University

3. Diversity Competencies of the HR Leader
The Six Competency Domains for Diversity
Intercultural Sensitivity and Engagement
The New Frontiers of Intelligence
Creating Vanguard Organizations Through HR/Diversity Leadership
Strategic and Tactical Questions for Further Discussion
Case Study 5: Visioning and Planning—Diversity and Human Resources at Sodexo

4. HR Leaders as Architects of Diversity Change
HR Leader Self-Assessment
Assessing Organizational Readiness for HR/Diversity Integration
Creating Capacity for Transformational Change
Mapping the Phases of Diversity Organization Development
Barriers to Collaboration
Challenges and Opportunities
Strategic and Tactical Questions for Further Discussion
Case Study 6: Integrating HR and Diversity Governmental Strategy at the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM)

5. Creating the HR Talent Infrastructure for Diversity
The Talent Management Platform
Talent Sustainability
Talent Segmentation
Global and Local: The Talent Challenge
The Loss of Diverse Talent
The Value of a Talent Compact
The HR Vision, Mission, and Values Statements
Systematic Gap Analysis
Developing a Strategic HR/Diversity Talent Planning Process
Strategic and Tactical Questions for Further Discussion
Case Study 7: Launching a Transformative Diversity Initiative in the Largest HR Professional Association in Higher Education

6. Building the HR/Diversity Strategic Plan
Sample HR/Diversity Strategic Planning Template
Measuring HR/Diversity ROI
Creating Organizational Synergy
Strategic and Tactical Questions for Further Discussion
Case Study 8: Building an Integrated HR/Diversity Plan at Walmart
Case Study 9: Integrated HR/Diversity Planning at Kent State University

7. Synthesis and Recommendations
Looking Ahead

About the Authors

Reviews & Endorsements:
"In a knowledge-intensive global economy, teaming across organizational boundaries is critical to success. This book clearly demonstrates the urgency of overcoming organizational silos and bringing integrated talent programs into the mainstream of the organization, to foster cross-boundary teaming. It is an insightful guide for executives and practitioners, offering a practical, research-based roadmap to improving organizational excellence by integrating human resource and diversity programs."
- Amy C. Edmondson, author of Teaming and Novartis Professor of Leadership and Management , Harvard Business School
“The demographic transformation of society compels leaders to adapt. This book makes the business case for integrated diversity and HR initiatives and shows how many sectors, whether public or private and including higher education, can learn from one another. This book is an excellent synthesis of research and original case studies that provides an excellent start for all of us. Those who would lead would be well served by reading this volume.”
- Frank H. Wu, Chancellor & Dean , University of California Hastings College of Law