Deadly Professors
A Faculty Development Mystery

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Published: October 2010  

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Published: October 2010  

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Published: March 2012  

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Published: February 2012  

Publisher: Stylus Publishing
192 pp., 6" x 9"
Despite flecks of the victim’s blood and what looked like part of an eyebrow, one could make out the letters etched in an artistic, painstaking script that formed the killer’s message:

“Great. A perp who can’t spell,” said Jarvis.
“So you think it’s a student?”

Professor Roland Norris has been murdered in the early morning hours on the grounds of Välkommen University, and the discovery of the crime sets the scene for Thomas Jones’ new campus mystery.

As two more murders rattle the university, St. Paul detectives LeRon Jarvis and Robert Phan increasingly focus on the victims’ connections to Jack Ramble, professor of literature and chair of the department.

Are the crimes motivated by academic rivalries or the university’s finances? A frantic golf cart chase down the 10th fairway of the East Oaks Country Club finally reveals all…

As with Thomas Jones’ previous academic mystery, The Missing Professor, this book is a parody of the mystery genre and campus life, but with a serious purpose.

In 26 entertaining and succinct chapters, the story line raises such issues as the nature of today’s college students, faculty roles and responsibilities, mid-career concerns, the purpose of liberal education, racial diversity, micro-aggression, inclusive teaching, technology and learning, politics and the classroom, active learning, the role of sports in higher education, and academic freedom, to name but a few.

This book will enliven, and ensure spirited discussion at any orientation, workshop, or faculty development activity.

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Reviews & Endorsements:
"Thomas Jones's second faculty development novel, Deadly Professors: A Faculty Development Mystery is just that: a sophisticated faculty development guide neatly woven into the plot of a campy higher education murder novel…. Deadly Professors takes a light-hearted, fun, and fresh approach to what can be the bane of many professors' careers: faculty development. While the book will be of great interest to faculty new to the profession, more seasoned professionals will also find value in the inclusive and novel means by which Jones approaches faculty development. The workshop portion of the text approaches professional enrichment through the lens of active learning. Development becomes a group activity that requires thought and conversation regarding serious issues facing most in American higher education. Deadly Professors is not a 'how to' guide for dealing with contemporary issues on campus, but more of a 'how would you' guide, allowing faculty to respond locally to problems facing campuses nationally."
- The Review of Higher Education
Deadly Professors is the sequel to The Missing Professor, and it is an even better romp. Faculty might experience some vicarious satisfaction when obnoxious colleagues become murder victims in this over-the-top tale of academe. Using a spoof on universities as his vehicle, the author integrates into his narrative many of the themes that faculty love to discuss: today's college students, academic leaders, liberal education, pedagogy, classroom incivility, diversity and conflict, faculty hiring, academic freedom, technology, senior faculty, and even college sports. The discussion questions at the end of the book are rich and provocative. If you want some advance reading to elicit discussion at your next faculty development retreat, this book could be fun."
- Constance E. Cook, Associate Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, and Executive Director, Center for Research on Learning and Teaching, University of Michigan