Creating and Maintaining Safe College Campuses
A Sourcebook for Enhancing and Evaluating Safety Programs

Foreword by Constance B. Clery
Preface by Gregory Roberts
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Published: April 2007  

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Published: December 2011  

Publisher: Stylus Publishing
304 pp., 6" x 9"
This book serves as a sourcebook to enhance and evaluate safety programs, generate new solutions and interventions, comply with new legislation, and present practical steps and guidelines to establish best practices. It pays particular attention to the factors that may give rise to crime, considering high-risk drinking and examining the intersection between hate crimes and violence. Devoting chapters to discrimination in all its forms, whether against international students, students of color, or on the basis of ethnicity or sexual orientation, it reviews the range of issues relating to harassment and violence against women and engages with hazing and the presence of guns on campus.

The authors pay attention to the different circumstances that may apply in specific institutional types, such as community colleges and minority-serving institutions. They offer perspectives from administrators, campus security, student affairs personnel, faculty and policy makers.

The purpose is to provide readers with the context and tools to devise a comprehensive safety plan. For administrators operating with few formal support systems, advice is given on how to co-opt individuals and resources from around the campus and the local community to assist in maintaining a safe and welcoming campus.

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Table of Contents:
Introduction: The Complexity of Maintaining a Safe Campus in Higher Education: An Administrative Dilemma
Chapter 1. Changing the Culture of High-Risk Drinking
Chapter 2. Violence and Hate Crimes on Campus Against International Students and Students of Color: Uncovering the Mystique
Chapter 3. Campus Climate for Sexual Minority Students: Challenges and Best Practices
Chapter 4. Campus Safety Issues for Women
Chapter 5. Why Do Students Beat Other Students?
Chapter 6. The Role of the Campus Safety Department in the 21st Century
Chapter 7. The Incompatibility of Weapons and College Campuses
Chapter 8. Safety in a Community College Environment
Chapter 9. Public Safety Issues at Minority-Serving Institutions
Chapter 10. The Legal Implications of Campus Crime for Student Affairs Professionals
Chapter 11. Exemplar Programs and Procedures: Best Practices in Public Safety
Chapter 12. You’re Not Alone: Resources for the College Administrator
Chapter13. Elements of a Comprehensive Safety Plan


Reviews & Endorsements:
"The job of keeping campuses safe has become increasingly complicated in a diverse climate, and this book is meant to make sure college and university staff are up to the challenges. In the wake of the recent violence surrounding campus protests, this book offers timely advice on handling hate crimes and confronting discrimination on campus, as well as on other safety issues, such as binge drinking and sexual harassment. It offers perspectives on different types of institutions and provides guidelines for administrators, faculty and policy makers."
- Diverse
"The authors and editors have approached this topic with a plan that seems to work for introducting the suprising array of concerns that impinge upon campus safety. Few stones are left unturned as they pursue this agenda, with adequate coverage of personal, institutional, and societal concerns. The readers comes away witha fairly clear sense of the problem and related issues, as well as sufficient suggestions for waht to do about them....recommend that campus administrators place this on their desks sooner rather than later."
- Journal of Higher Education