Cultivating the Sociological Imagination
Concepts and Models for Service Learning in Sociology

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Published: January 1999  

Publisher: Stylus Publishing
244 pp., 6" x 9"
Series: Service Learning in the Disciplines Series
The editors and authors of this book, seventh in the Service-Learning in the Disciplines Series, bring their own sociological wisdom and imagination to demonstrate how service-learning can effectively be used in the sociology curricula and in class exercises. Discussions in the introduction and chapters, along with appended syllabi, provide ways in which such programs can be adopted in undergraduate sociology courses.

Table of Contents:
About This Series—Edward Zlotkowski
Preface—Service-Learning: Not Charity, But a Two-Way Street—Judith R. Blau
Introduction—Service-Learning and the Teachability of Sociology—James Ostrow

Part One: The Critical Examination of Social Life
Sociology's Essential Role: Promoting Critical Analysis in Service-Learning—Sam Marullo
Sociology and Service-Learning: A Critical Look—Kerry J. Strand
Building Campus-Community Connections: Using Service-Learning in Sociology Courses—J. Richard Kendrick, Jr.

Part Two: Pedagogical Advantages
A Multicultural and Critical Perspective on Teaching Through Community: A Dialogue With Jose Calderon of Pitzer College—Sandra Enos
Service-Research Projects in the Urban School: A Dialogue with Frank Furstenberg Jr. of the University of Pennsylvania—Sandra Enos
Service-Learning as Symbolic Interaction—Barbara H. Vann
The Joys of Your Troubles: Using Service and Reflection to Enhance Learning in the Community College Sociology Classroom—Martha Bergin and Susan McAleavey
Service-Learning Through Meta-Reflection: Problems and Prospects of Praxis in Organizational Sociology—Hugh F. Lena

Part Three: Action Research
Action Research: The Highest Stage of Service-Learning?—Douglas V. Porpora
Examining Communities and Urban Change: Service-Learning as Collaborative Research—Garry Hesser

Sociology, Service, and Learning, For a Stronger Discipline—Carla B. Howery

Bibliography: Sociology and Service-Learning—Garry Hesser
Three Sample Syllabi
Contributors to This Volume