Experiencing Citizenship
Concepts and Models for Service-Learning in Political Science

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Published: January 1997  

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Published: December 2011  

Publisher: Stylus Publishing
247 pp., 6" x 9"
Series: Service Learning in the Disciplines Series
This practical guide is intended for faculty and service-learning directors, combining the how-to information and rigorous intellectual framework that teachers seek. What distinguishes this volume is that the contributors are writing for their peers. They discuss how service-learning can be implemented within political science and what this discipline contributes to the pedagogy of service-learning. The book offers both theoretical background and practical pedagogical chapters which describe the design, implementation, and outcomes of political science service-learning programs, as well as annotated bibliographies, program descriptions and course syllabi.

Table of Contents:
Foreword—Edward Zlotkowski
Introduction—Richard M. Battistoni and William E. Hudson

Part One: Service-Learning as a Mode of Civic Education
The Decline of Democratic Faith—Jean Bethke Elshtain
Teaching/Theorizing/Practicing Democracy: An Activist's Perspective on Service-Learning in Political Science—Meta Mendel-Reyes
The Work of Citizenship and the Problem of Service-Learning—Harry C. Boyte and James Farr
Examining Pedagogy in the Service-Learning Classroom: Reflections on Integrating Service-Learning Into the Curriculum—Karen D. Zivi

Part Two: Course Narratives
Community Service-Learning as Practice in the Democratic Political Arts—Gregory B. Markus
Service-Learning in the Study of American Public Policy—William E. Hudson
Political Theory—James Farr
Research Methods—Daniel J. Palazzolo
Women and Citizenship: Transforming Theory and Practice—Cynthia R. Daniels
Politics, Community, and Service—Richard Guarasci
Civil Rights and Liberties—Bill Swinford
Service-Learning and Comparative Politics: A Latin American Saga—Robert H. Trudeau
The Police Corps: Researching Teaching and Teaching Research—Milton Heumann
Bringing Service and Politics Together: A Community College Perspective—Mona Field

Part Three: The Discipline and Beyond
Experiencing Government: Political Science Internships—Stephen Frantzich and Sheilah Mann
Service-Learning and Empowerment—Ed Schwerin
Civic Leadership—Richard A. Couto

Afterword—Benjamin R. Barber

Annotated Bibliography
Additional Service-Learning Courses in Political Science
List of Contributors