Kathryn E. Linder
Kathryn E. Linder is an avid writer and researcher with a passion for connecting audiences with the latest research on distance education and student learning. She “learns like it’s her job” and helps others to do the same with a weekly solo podcast, You've Got This, the OSU Research in Action podcast, and the weekly essay series Learn Like a Boss. Katie is also the Oregon State University E-campus research director and an associate editor for the International Journal for Academic Development.

For the past several years, Katie’s work has focused on blended course design best practices, institutional supports for accessible online learning, and research literacy for scholarship of teaching and learning practitioners and distance education stakeholders. She speaks on topics such as blended course design, effective collaboration practices, best practices for designing Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) projects, and helping students learn in an age of digital distraction.

Learn more about Katie on her personal website.
Books by Kathryn E. Linder :
A Practical Guide
224 pages, 8 1/2" x 11",
Cloth: 978 1 62036 435 2
Price: $95.00
Published: November 2016 

Lib E-Book: 978 1 62036 437 6
Price: $95.00
Published: November 2016 
About Library E-book


Paper: 978 1 62036 436 9
Price: $30.00
Published: November 2016 

E-Book: 978 1 62036 438 3
Price: $23.99
Published: November 2016