Urban Management Series

By 2015 more than half the world's population will be living in towns and cities. This Series focuses on the impacts of demographic change in developing countries. It offers a platform for practical, in-depth analysis of the complex institutional, economic and social issues that have to be addressed in an increasingly urban and globalized world. The books are designed for all practitioners, academics and students concerned with urban management.

  Building Sustainable Urban Settlements
Approaches and Case Studies in the Developing World

  Communicating for Development
Experience in the Urban Environment

  Communities and Communication
Building Urban Partnerships

  Confronting the Crisis in Urban Poverty
Making Integrated Approaches Work

  Funding Local Governance
Small Grants for Democracy and Development

  Governing Cities
New Institutional Forms in Developing Countries and Transitional Economies

  Land, Rights and Innovation
Improving Tenure Security for the Urban Poor

  Planning in Cities
Sustainability and Growth in the Developing World

  Urban Futures
Economic Growth and Poverty Reduction