Making Their Own Way
Narratives for Transforming Higher Education to Promote Self-Development

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Published: January 2004  

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Published: June 2011  

Publisher: Stylus Publishing
356 pp., 6" x 9"

What impact does a college education have on students' careers and personal lives after they graduate? Do they consider themselves well prepared for the demands and ambiguities of contemporary society? What can we learn from their stories to improve the college learning experience?

This groundbreaking book extends Marcia Baxter Magolda’s renowned longitudinal study and follows her participants’ lives from their graduation to their early thirties. We follow these students’ journeys to an internally-authored sense of identity and how they make meaning of their lives. From this, the author proposes a new framework for higher education to better foster students' crucial journeys of transformation--through the shaping of curriculum and co-curriculum, advising, leadership opportunities, campus work settings, collaboration, diversity and community building.

This is an important book for all faculty, administrators and student affairs professionals.

Reviews & Endorsements:
"Although an advisor can find much to appreciate in the first part of Baxter Magolda’s book, perhaps the second part provides the most value for day-to-day advising practice...The practical suggestions and advice provided can certainly benefit advisors as well as advising administrators who wish to empower students in their decision making."
- NACADA Journal (National Academic Advising Association)
"[This book] is strongly recommended reading for educators concerned with the holistic development of their students and higher education's role in fostering critical thinking, citizenship, and civic leadership."
- Wisconsin Bookwatch