Roads Taken
Women in Student Affairs at Mid-Career

Foreword by Margaret J. Barr
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Published: April 2004  

Publisher: Stylus Publishing
256 pp., 6" x 9"
The work of student affairs professionals is demanding and unpredictable. This book addresses the particular challenges that it presents to women in mid-career.

While much has been written about new graduate students, new professionals and senior administrators in student affairs, scant attention has been paid to the issues of mid-career, and particularly as they impact women.

Here are the stories of over twenty women, from widely different backgrounds, reflecting on their lives at mid-career. They describe the choices they made and share the lessons they have learned, particularly the ever-present concerns about reconciling the demands of work and responsibilities to family and partners .

The volume focuses on issues that have particular and significant meaning for women. The individual narratives are grouped into five sections, each beginning with a scholarly introduction to its topics. The sections deal with education and self development, such as the life implications of embarking on a doctorate; dual career couples and such decisions as relocation; choices about having children and responsibilities for the care of aging parents; arriving at mid-career; and alternatives to traditional, linear career progression in student affairs administration.

This volume is a particular gift to women currently in mid-career positions in student affairs, women embarking on their personal and professional journey in student affairs, the partners of such women, their colleagues, and the individuals who supervise them.

Table of Contents:

Margaret J. Barr
Lisa Berman-Hills
Barbara Fienman
Rebecca Gutierrez
Sheila Shaw Horton
Mary F. Howard-
Carole Hughes
Susan R. Jones
Jean Joyce-Brady
Melissa McDaniels
Sarah Marshall
Gail P. Olyha
Anna M. Ortiz
Gage E. Paine
Kristen A. Renn
Suzanne Rice
Martha H. Ruel
Marcie Schorr
Susan B. Twombly
Lisa E.Wolf-Wendel
Julie M.Wong
Terry Zacker

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Reviews & Endorsements:
"Advisors may find it difficult to imagine how their careers might progress unless they venture into the more traditional realms of student affairs. Howevere, if an advisor identifies with one of the themes presented, she may find the book insightful. I would strongly recommend this book to women in their twenties who are in the early stages of a student affairs career. The essays illustrating varied career paths, diverse struggles faced, and numerous choices made are easy-to-read and informational. The combination of factual summaries and personal insights allow a woman to imagine her future in the field of student affairs."
- NACADA Journal
"Roads Taken accomplishes a couple of important things. First it opens up a topic that matters. The first-person accounts that characterize the book constitute a helpful starting place in thinking seriously and comprehensively about mid-career issues for women in student affairs. Second, it does a competent job of 'setting the table' for others who will address the topic of mid-career in a more systematic and scholarly way."
- Journal of College Student Development