Managing Your Professional Identity Online
A Guide for Faculty, Staff, and Administrators

Foreword by Laura Pasquini
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In higher education, professional online identities have become increasingly important. A rightly worded tweet can cause an academic blog post to go viral. A wrongly worded tweet can get a professor fired. Regular news items in The Chronicle of Higher Education and Inside Higher Ed provide evidence that reputations are both built and crushed via online platforms. Ironically, given the importance of digital identities to job searches, the promotion and distribution of scholarly work, pedagogical innovation, and many other components of an academic life, higher education professionals receive little to no training about how to best represent themselves in a digital space.

Managing Your Professional Identity Online: A Guide for Higher Education fills this gap by offering higher education professionals the information and guidance they need to:

- craft strong online biographical statements for a range of platforms;
- prioritize where and how they want to represent themselves online in a professional capacity;
- intentionally and purposefully create an effective brand for their professional identity online;
- develop online profiles that are consistent, professional, accurate, organized, of good quality, and representative of their academic lives;
- regularly update and maintain an online presence;
- post appropriately in a range of online platforms and environments; and
- successfully promote their professional accomplishments.

Managing Your Professional Identity Online is practical and action-oriented. In addition to offering a range of case studies demonstrating concrete examples of effective practices, the book is built around activities, templates, worksheets, rubrics, and bonus materials that walk readers through a step-by-step guide of how to design, build, and maintain professional online identities.

Table of Contents:
Tables, Figures, and Boxes
Forward by Laura Pasquini
Preface: The Planting of a Seed
Introduction: Why Digital Identities Matter

1) What Makes a Strong Digital Identity?
2) Choosing Where to be Present Online
3) Evaluating Your Current Digital Identity
4) Choosing How to Represent Yourself Online
5) Tools for Updating and Managing Your Online Presence
6) Designing an Effective Digital CV or Resume
7) Building a Professional Website
8) Tweets, Updates, and Other Forms of Posting Online
9) Building and Engaging with Online Communities
10) Responding to Online Conflict
11) Strategies to Create and Share Content with Larger Audiences

Conclusion: Three Examples from Higher Education Professionals with Kevin Gannon, Lee Skallerup Bessette, and Anonymous


Reviews & Endorsements:
“Katie Linder’s background in faculty development shines through on every page, turning aspirational points about why one might be interested in social media into specific, pragmatic steps that one can easily implement.”
- Jason Jones, Director of Educational Technology , Trinity College
“I found Managing Your Professional Identity Online to be a practical and compelling guide for building an online professional brand. This text pulls together the technical experience with the why and how-to of building an online professional presence and is a much-needed resource in the field. It fills a unique niche that has needed a publication like this.”
- Jennifer H. Herman, Director, Center for Excellence in Teaching , Simmons College