Social Media for Active Learning
Engaging Students in Meaningful Networked Knowledge Activities

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Publisher: Stylus Publishing
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How can social media help transform a student’s learning experience and promote active engagement with learning content and peers? Social Media for Active Learning helps instructors achieve this goal.

Many people use social media in their everyday lives, seeking information and informal learning opportunities via their online networks. However, harnessing the power and harvesting the breadth of social media tools and networks for formal learning purposes can be challenging. The sheer number of options is easily overwhelming, and social media use often requires a shift from teacher-centered activities to learner-centered ones, and from teacher-selected and created resources to class-selected, peer evaluated, and perhaps even learner-created learning resources. This book helps instructors approach social media integration in an organized and well planned fashion, with tips to help both complete novices and social media mavens succeed.

This book provides:
• Expert guidance written by a leader in social media-based instruction and research
• A social media knowledge activity framework to help instructors identify ways to align social media activities and tools with desired learning outcomes.
• Examples of social media learning activities, course policies, and assessments.
• Approaches for content creation, adoption, adaptation, and ownership in a social media context.
• A comprehensive overview of the role social media-based communities and networks play in supporting learners, both in and out of the classroom.
• Rich discussion of ethical concerns when social media is used in formal instruction.
• Suggestions for supporting lifelong learning via individual learning networks.

This volume serves as a guide for individuals teaching in higher education, continuing education, and those who wish to learn about social media-based pedagogy. It is appropriate for instructors who teach wholly online as well as those who are seeking the latest and most effective ways to enhance the traditional classroom experience.