Critical Mentoring
A Practical Guide

Foreword by Bernadette Sánchez
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This book introduces the concept of critical mentoring, presenting its theoretical and empirical foundations, and providing telling examples of what it looks like in practice, and what it can achieve.

At this juncture when the demographics of our schools and colleges are rapidly changing, critical mentoring provides mentors with a new and essential transformational practice that challenges deficit-based notions of protégés, questions their forced adaptation to dominant ideology, counters the marginalization and minoritization of young people of color, and endows them with voice, power and choice to achieve in society while validating their culture and values.

Critical mentoring places youth at the center of the process, challenging norms of adult and institutional authority and notions of saviorism to create collaborative partnerships with youth and communities that recognize there are multiple sources of expertise and knowledge.

Torie Weiston-Serdan outlines the underlying foundations of critical race theory, cultural competence and intersectionality, describes how collaborative mentoring works in practice in terms of dispositions and structures, and addresses the implications of rethinking about the purposes and delivery of mentoring services, both for mentors themselves and the organizations for which they work.

Each chapter ends with a set of salient questions to ask and key actions to take. These are meant to move the reader from thought to action and provide a basis for discussion.

This book offers strategies that are immediately applicable and will create a process that is participatory, emancipatory and transformative.

Table of Contents:
Foreword--Bernadette Sánchez

1) The Act of Clearing the Air and Purifying the Water
2) Youth Centrism
3) Culturally Relevant Mentoring Practices
4) The Intersectionality of Mentoring
5) Collecting Community-Centered and Culturally Relevant Data
6) A Collective Call to Action

Suggested Readings

Chapter 1

Reviews & Endorsements:
“Sustained by extensive theoretical and practice-based research, Critical Mentoring: A Practical Guide equips the reader with effective strategies to provide youth development programs with tools necessary for Critical Mentoring and Critical Consciousness. While the foundations of oppression are deeply seated in contemporary society, Weiston-Serdan presents an avenue along which, mentors, protégés, and their respective communities can bring to light crucial issues and stride toward a new paradigm.”
- Mentoring & Coaching Monthly
"Critical Mentoring offers an unwavering and accessible answer to the age-old question: What constitutes the status quo? It brings contemporary struggles within youth mentoring work to full resolution. This book deconstructs the ways in which the social algorithm of mentoring has historically materialized into deficit lenses of Black youth and other dehumanized populations. Torie Weiston-Serdan's trove of wisdom is imperative for educators who believe that justice can only be achieved by continual self-reflection and courageous interrogation of current practices. Dr. Weiston-Serdan's exhaustively researched work provides a much needed and foundational service to scholar-activists, education policy makers, and practitioners alike."
- Arash Daneshzadeh, Associate Director , Urban Strategies Council