Student Affairs by the Numbers
Quantitative Research and Statistics for Professionals

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Publisher: Stylus Publishing
200 pp., 6" x 9"
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Student Affairs by the Numbers aims to be the go-to book for student affairs professionals who want to know the basics of quantitative research and statistics for their work. Books on assessment in student affairs tend to discuss processes more than research design and statistics. Most books on statistics share too much information for practitioners, overwhelming them and making it difficult to discern what they need to know. Since these books do not use examples from student affairs, it is even more difficult for practitioners to connect with new concepts.

Student Affairs professionals need to know how to design a study, collect data, analyze data, interpret results, and present the results in an understandable manner. This book will begin by establishing the need for these skills in student affairs and then quickly move to how to develop a research culture, how to conduct research, how to understand statistics, and concluding with how to change our research/assessment behaviors in order to make higher education better for students.

Table of Contents:

1) Student Affairs, Fast and Slow
2) An Introduction to Research
3) Developing a Research Paradigm
4) Research Design
5) The Theory Behind Survey Design
6) Survey Design in Practice
7) Basic Statistics
8) Statistical Approach for the Question of Relationship
9) Statistical Approach for Comparing Groups
10) Statistical Approach for Predicting Groups
11) Statistical Approach for Analyzing Structure
12) How This Book Should Change Your Life

Appendix: Final Exam


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Reviews & Endorsements:
"Student Affairs by the Numbers couldn’t arrive at a better time. The pressure from state-based performance-based funding, increased rigor from regional accrediting agencies, and an increase in a 'return-on-investment' approach to funding and program review underscores the critical importance of developing a core competence in quantitative statistics and assessment. This book is a valuable resource for student affairs professionals and graduate students who are developing research and evaluation efforts on core student affairs programs and services."
- Kevin Kruger, President of NASPA – Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education
"Our future will be built by student affairs educators who view themselves as scholar-practitioners. The current conditions of higher education require curious professionals who see the many research questions that surround our daily work. Understanding and engaging the science of research and statistics is not a skill reserved for faculty—it is a basic necessity for practitioners who seek to make meaningful contributions to policies, programs, and experiences that matter for students and their learning. This book is a must-read and will transform how you do your work and make decisions."
- Patricia A. Perillo, Ph.D., Vice President for Student Affairs and Assistant Professor of Higher Education Virginia Tech, Former president of ACPA–College Student Educators International