Understanding and Promoting Transformative Learning
A Guide to Theory and Practice
Edition: 3

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Published: June 2016  

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The third edition of Patricia Cranton’s Understanding and Promoting Transformative Learning brings a wealth of new insight from the tremendous growth in the field during the decade since the previous edition. As in the previous editions, the book helps adult educators understand what transformative learning is, distinguish it from other forms of learning, and foster it in their practice. The first part of the book is dedicated to clarifying transformative learning theory and relating it to other theoretical frameworks. The author examines transformative learning from the learner’s perspective, and discusses individual differences in how learners go through the process. In the second half of the book, the focus is squarely on strategies for promoting transformative learning in a wide variety of adult and higher education contexts. Practitioners will be able to take ideas from the text and apply them directly in their teaching.

Since 1975, transformative learning has become a core theoretical perspective in adult and higher education, and research has proliferated. In the past decade, adult education and especially transformative learning grew into a noticeably larger field. The numbers of undergraduate and graduate programs in adult education have increased and continue to increase as more and more individuals are seeking the expertise, skills, and training necessary to work with adult learners in higher education, business, industry, government, health professions, non-profit organizations, and community development. In addition, the number of programs in higher education (both undergraduate and graduate) that include courses in transformative learning has grown dramatically. These academic audiences use the book to further their understanding of transformative learning theory and practice.

Drawing on the latest research as well as the author’s own teaching experience in both online and face-to-face courses, this new edition will be a vital resource for members of the transformative learning community, as well as those encountering the topic for the first time.

Table of Contents:
Preface to the Third Edition

1) The Context of Transformative Learning
2) The Origins of Transformative Learning Theory
3) Transformative Learning Theory as an Integrated Perspective
4) Transformation: The Learner’s Story
5) Individual Differences
6) Educator Roles
7) The Importance of Power
8) Fostering Critical Self-Reflection and Self-Awareness
9) Supporting Transformative Learning
10) The Educator’s Transformative Process


About the Author

Reviews & Endorsements:
“Patricia Cranton’s third edition of Understanding and Promoting Transformative Learning: A Guide to Theory and Practice highlights new directions in her use of these concepts and her recent empirical work. The author’s expertise comes from over two decades of working on theoretical and practical aspects of transformative learning theory in adult learning environments (e.g., university classrooms and professional development workshops). Her approach to sharing this scholarship highlights not only student learners’ experiences, but positions practitioners as transformative learners as well. Cranton’s work in this area not only encourages self-reflection, but also calls attention to emancipatory learning practices. It highlights awareness regarding power dynamics to create a more liberating adult learning environment.

Understanding and Promoting Transformative Learning is useful for educators in higher education, professional development, and other adult education settings. At the same time, the author includes a variety of new directions to push seasoned practitioners to continue their own transformative learning journeys.”
- Teachers College Record
"Understanding and Promoting Transformative Learning is particularly valuable for helping educators see their role in the learning process. The methodology described throughout the book leads to self-reflection, critical reflection, and thinking about how one’s teaching may fit into contemporary contexts. Furthermore, it converts the process of reflection into active participation in society. Additionally, the book discusses empowerment and the importance of dialogue to this process. This book is valuable in its demonstration of how dialogue is critical to transformative learning and can help the reader see how this affects student self-awareness and consciousness."
- Reflective Teaching (Wabash Center)