Enhancing Assessment in Higher Education
Putting Psychometrics to Work

Foreword by Michael J. Kolen
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Published: October 2017  

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Published: October 2017  

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Assessment and accountability are now inescapable features of the landscape of higher education, and ensuring that these assessments are psychometrically sound has become a high priority for accrediting agencies and therefore also for higher education institutions. Bringing together the higher education assessment literature with the psychometric literature, this book focuses on how to practice sound assessment.

This volume provides comprehensive and detailed descriptions of tools for and approaches to assessing student learning outcomes in higher education. The book is guided by the core purpose of assessment, which is to enable faculty, administrators, and student affairs professionals with the information they need to increase student learning by making changes in policies, curricula, and other programs.

The book is divided into three sections: overview, assessment in higher education, and case studies. The central section looks at direct and indirect measures of student learning, and how to assure the validity, reliability, and fairness of both types. The first six chapters (the first two sections) alternate chapters written by experts in assessment in higher education and experts in psychometrics. The remaining three chapters are applications of assessment practices in three higher education institutions. Finally, the book includes a glossary of key terms in the field.

Table of Contents:
Foreword—Michael J. Kolen

Part I: Overview
1) Introduction: History & Conceptual Basis—Peter T. Ewell and Tammie Cumming
2) Theory and Principles of Educational Measurement—Deborah J. Harris

Part II: Direct and Indirect Assessment in Higher Education
3) Direct Assessment Methods—Terrell Rhodes and Jennifer Bergeron
4) Validity and Reliability of Direct Assessments—Jon S. Twing and Kimberly J. O’Malley
5) Indirect Assessments in Higher Education—Thomas F. Nelson Laird & Allison BrckaLorenz
6) Validity & Reliability of Indirect Assessments—M. David Miller & John P. Poggio

Part III: Case Study Applications
7) NYC College of Technology: General Education Assessment—Tammie Cumming, L. Jay Diener, and Bonne August
8) Texas Christian University Assessment System—Catherine M. Wehlburg
9) University of Florida Assessment System—Timothy S. Brophy


Chapter 1

Reviews & Endorsements:
Enhancing Assessment in Higher Education is a unique collection that marries contextually situated treatments of higher education assessment with in-depth examinations of reliability and validity. Cumming and Miller have assembled a valuable resource for both assessment practice and graduate training.”
- Alexander C. McCormick, Director, National Survey of Student Engagement, and Associate Professor of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies , Indiana University Bloomington
“Good decision making at every level – classroom, program, institution – is advantaged by high quality, actionable data. The stellar cast of contributors to this timely volume offer a treasure trove of measurement principles, practices and applications that both assessment experts and those new to documenting student learning will find instructive and useful.”
- George D. Kuh, Chancellor’s Professor of Higher Education Emeritus , Indiana University