Cartoons for Trainers
Seventy-five Cartoons to Use or Adapt for Transitions, Activities, Discussion Points, Ice-breakers and Much More

Illustrated by Doris Yager
Paper & CD-ROM: 978 1 57922 055 6 / $42.00
Published: May 2002  

Lib E-Book: 978 1 62036 017 0 / $95.00  
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Published: December 2011  

Publisher: Stylus Publishing
162 pp., 8 1/2" x 11"
As most instructors, presenters and trainers have discovered, cartoons are an excellent classroom resource for making key learning points in an enjoyable, engaging manner.

Cartoons function well as metaphors for the subject at hand, help introduce or wrap-up key concepts, and serve to ease transitions between learning segments. However, as most users have also discovered, reproduction fees for cartoons in training can be expensive; permissions hard to obtain; and copyright holders difficult to track down.

This book provides the solution. Cartoons for Trainers presents over 75 original cartoons, conceptualized by trainers for trainers. It includes a license that allows buyers to display these cartoons in the classroom.

The cartoons focus on the transition points in any training program. Subjects include objectives, introductions, activities, case studies, role-plays, experiential learning, breaks, evaluations, and closings. For anyone who wants tips or guidance, the author provides a brief and practical introduction.

In addition, the cartoons are reproduced on the included CD-ROM for use in electronic presentations. Purchase of the book constitutes permission for the buyer to reproduce the cartoons for overheads or place them in electronic presentations.

Written by leading offbeat training expert Lenn Millbower, author of Training With A Beat: The Teaching Power of Music, and the composer of Do You Want to Learn With Music: Game Show Themes for Trainers, and drawn by New York show director Doris Yager, these cartoons exhibit a tongue-in-cheek wit reminiscent of Gary Larson's The Far Side and Scott Adams' Dilbert. All the cartoons make good-natured fun of the everyday foibles trainers experience, while addressing the fears that learners have toward training.

This is an ideal trainer's companion and deserves a place in any trainer's toolbox.

Table of Contents:
Introduction; Part One: Classroom Life: Introductions; Expectations; Activities; Breaks; Food; Discussions; Tests and Evaluations; Classroom Awards; Conclusions; Part Two: Training Topics: Brainstorming / Creativity; Career Development; Change; Conflict; Communication Skills; Computer Based Training.

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Reviews & Endorsements:
"A picture is worth a thousand words...and this book is worth a thousand bucks (in the licensing agreement alone)! A terrific item for your training/teaching toolbox."
- Humor Project Inc.
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