The Power of Problem-Based Learning
A Practical "How To" for Teaching Undergraduate Courses in Any Discipline

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Published: May 2001  

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Published: December 2011  

Publisher: Stylus Publishing
256 pp., 6" x 9"
Problem-based learning is a powerful classroom process, which uses real world problems to motivate students to identify and apply research concepts and information, work collaboratively and communicate effectively. It is a strategy that promotes life-long habits of learning.

The University of Delaware is recognized internationally as a center of excellence in the use and development of PBL. This book presents the cumulative knowledge and practical experience acquired over nearly a decade of integrating PBL in courses in a wide range of disciplines.

This "how to" book for college and university faculty. It focuses on the practical questions which anyone wishing to embark on PBL will want to know: "Where do I start?"–"How do you find problems?"–"What do I need to know about managing groups?"–"How do you grade in a PBL course?"

The book opens by outlining how the PBL program was developed at the University of Delaware--covering such issues as faculty mentoring and institutional support--to offer a model for implementation for other institutions.

The authors then address the practical questions involved in course transformation and planning for effective problem-based instruction, including writing problems, using the Internet, strategies for using groups, the use of peer tutors and assessment. They conclude with case studies from a variety of disciplines, including biochemistry, pre-law, physics, nursing, chemistry, political science and teacher education

This introduction for faculty, department chairs and faculty developers will assist them to successfully harness this powerful process to improve learning outcomes.

Reviews & Endorsements:
" I have followed the superb activities of these authors and colleagues at the University of Delaware to bring PBL to undergraduate education. In this book, they share their experience. This three part book does not disappoint."
- PBL Insight
"Think of this book as an enjoyable, readable 'owner's manual' for problem-based learning across a variety of disciplines; and celebrate it's arrival because it makes the difficult task of turning classrooms into settings for active learning a whole lot easier."
- Russ Edgerton
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