Brothers of the Academy
Up and Coming Black Scholars Earning Our Way in Higher Education

Edited by Lee Jones
Foreword by Na'im Akbar
Cloth: 978 1 57922 027 3 / $37.50
Published: May 2000  

Publisher: Stylus Publishing
352 pp., 6" x 9"
Where are the black males in higher education? How come so few African American men have obtained Ph.D.s, and their number is declining? Why are they falling further behind the performance of African American women, and society as a whole?

Through chapters by twenty-seven black male scholars, this extraordinary book uniquely combines studies of the history and social position of black men in the academy with compelling narratives of how these brothers have progressed in their chosen careers despite the odds.

Woven into a purposeful whole, Brothers in the Academy presents three facets of what it means to be a black man in the academy, and demonstrates what black men can and have contributed to the scholarly enterprise.

The opening section presents research on race and the academy, and makes a telling contribution to the debate. Its chapters explore such topics as the evolution of desegregation in American education; overlooked data on undergraduate enrollment statistics; the representation of African Americans in college administration; and the relationship of racial identity to educational outcomes.

Part two presents ten narratives of brothers who gained Ph.D.'s in a variety of disciplines.

The book concludes by showcasing the work of black scholars from disciplines as diverse as Egyptology and psychology. Their work is emblematic of what occurs at the intersection of rigorous scholarship with the intellectual insights and concerns of African American men.

This is a book for all leaders and administrators in higher education concerned about issues of diversity and equity. Most importantly, for black educators and community leaders who want to increase participation in higher education; and for students considering personal fulfillment through higher degrees and an academic or professional career, it offers challenges, insight and inspiration.

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Reviews & Endorsements:
"At a time when the presence of African American males in higher education is declining at an alarming rate, the voices of these scholars--who hail from an array of institutional settings--offer inspiration and hope. The authors...provide a rarely examined look at their lives as professors working in a career path that too few Americans associate with Black men."
- Cheryl D. Fields, Executive Editor, Black Issues in Higher Education
"These brothers of the academy represent the kind of role models which, unfortunately, are in short supply in our communities. Just as importantly...they capture the pulse of the issues impacting African Americans in the academy."
- Nathan McCall, Visiting Professor Emory University, author of the award-winning book, Makes Me Wanna Holler