Student Affairs Assessment
Theory to Practice

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With the recognition of the integral role of student affairs in student education, and with stakeholders requiring increasing accountability at a time of tight resources, it has become imperative that staff be familiar with and competent in undertaking assessment. This book provides student affairs staff with the grounding they need to integrate assessment into how they design and monitor the programs, services, and activities they create to contribute to students’ development.

This book is intended both as a text for student affairs and higher education master’s programs, and as a practical guide for early career staff who have had little formal preparation in assessment. It can be used for self-study or in professional development workshops. For divisions, departments, or units getting started with assessment, the discussion questions at the end of the chapters can engage staff in the process of developing an effective assessment culture.

This book provides a thorough introduction to all aspects of assessment, assuming no prior knowledge, and illustrated throughout with examples of application in student affairs settings. Key elements include:

• Takes into account the latest standards and competencies defined by AAC&U, ACPA, AER, CAS, NASPA, and others
• Introductory and comprehensive
• Provides essential background and theory
• Covers preparation, planning and design
• Describes the full range of assessment methods
• Introduces principles and methods of qualitative and quantitative analysis
• Guidance on using and sharing results
• Addresses cultivating and sustaining a culture of assessment
• Considers ethical and political concerns
• Covers use of technology
• Illustrated throughout by examples of practice in student affairs.

Table of Contents:
Foreword by Marilee Bresciani Ludvik



1. Assessment in Student Affairs: Setting the Stage
2. Epistemology
3. The Assessment Process: The Big Picture
4. Planning and Designing Individual Assessment Projects
5. Types of Assessment
6. Outcomes
7. Quantitative Designs
8. Survey Design
9. Statistical Overview for Assessment
10. Qualitative Design
11. Interviews and Focus Groups
12. Additional Assessment Methods
13. Sharing Assessment Results
14. Using Assessment Results: Closing the Loop
15. Ethics
16. Politics
17. A Culture of Assessment
18. Technology
19. The Future: Where Are We Headed?


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Reviews & Endorsements:
Student Affairs Assessment: Theory to Practice is one of a handful of new publications directed specifically at student affairs practitioners and graduate students who seek to study assessment. As the title indicates, this is a comprehensive text that includes topics not always covered in similar texts, including the history of assessment in student affairs, the importance of epistemology or ‘ways of knowing’ when it comes to thinking about assessment, the politics of assessment, and the uses of technology in practice. Henning and Roberts’ text would be ideal for course instruction as it covers theory to practice and could be taught in the order best suited for the class. Course instructors may choose to create assignments tethered to key points and discussion questions provided by the authors.”
- Teachers College Record
“If my graduate program curriculum had included an assessment course, I would have liked for this new book from Henning and Roberts to be the text. And as I prepare to introduce a position dedicated to assessment and storytelling into my Student Affairs portfolio in the coming months, I’ll certainly purchase this book as a resource for our staff. Accessible to assessment newcomers and useful for seasoned professionals, Student Affairs Assessment: Theory to Practice belongs in Student Affairs libraries everywhere.”
- John Austin, Executive Director, Student Affairs, Ryerson University