The Rising Consciousness of Female Veteran Students
A Guide for Student Affairs Professionals and Teaching Faculty

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Publisher: Stylus Publishing
224 pp., 6" x 9"
The Rising Consciousness of Female Veteran Students is a guidebook that provides student affairs professionals and teaching faculty with a critical understanding of veteran life during and post-active duty. It is based on the author's research and in-depth interviews with female veterans.

Through the use of narrative inquiry, the author developed an open dialogue with participants that led to an increased understanding of the veteran's identity development process. As a result of the both positive and negative treatment experienced while on active duty, nearly all of the female veterans interviewed in this book indicated that they developed a new awareness of social consciousness and felt compelled to become more active in their communities; this book helps professionals to support veterans on this journey.

Topics discussed include:
* How to foster open discussions with female veteran students
* Practical advice and strategies for developing programs specific to the transition needs of female veterans
* How to coordinate veteran discussion groups that help veterans move from increased awareness to activism
* An overview of the positive and negative military experiences of female veterans
* Examples of how to adapt currently existing social justice advocacy programs to meet the needs of female veteran students
* Lists of community organizations geared toward working with military veterans and how educational administrators can partner with them in service delivery

An overview of methods faculty can include in their pedagogical practices that promote an increased social awareness, The Rising Consciousness of Female Veteran Students is a revealing examination of how military service can impact female veterans, and provides professionals with constructive pathways to work effectively with this student population.