Online, Blended, and Distance Education in Schools
Building Successful Programs

Foreword by Cathy Cavanaugh
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Series: Online Learning and Distance Education
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Online, Blended and Distance Education in Schools provides students enrolled in Education Technology, Educational Administration and related Masters and PhD programs with expert opinions and insights on the practice and policy in K-12 online, blended and distance education, online and blended programs, including curriculum, instruction, technology and management aspects. It describes the status and trends of the field, provides illustrative program examples, explores the issues and challenges that programs face and highlights ongoing research in key areas related to program effectiveness.

Topics discussed:

* The current status of K-12 online, distance and blended learning in the U.S.
* Policy, funding, and management issues in relation to program implementation
* Research on effective programs within governmental jurisdiction and various program types
* Global case studies that represent the variety of ways programs are being successfully implemented
* A synthesis of key findings and lessons learned, and local and global visions for the future of K-12 distance and online learning

This text is highly appropriate for students enrolled in Educational Technology, Educational Administration and related Masters and PhD programs. An online companion resource provides pedagogical features that enhance text use in a classroom setting.

Table of Contents:
Tables and Figures

Series Foreword—Michael Grahame Moore, Series Editor

Foreword—Cathy Cavanaugh


Part One: Overview

1. Online, Blended, and Distance Education in Schools: An Introduction—Tom Clark and Michael K. Barbour

Part Two: Research and Policy

2. Identifying, Evaluating, and Fostering Quality Online Teaching—Kathryn Kennedy and Leanna Archambault
3. Instructional Design: Teaching With Intention—Christy G. Keeler
4. Technology Infrastructure and Tools—Rob Darrow
5. Research Into K–12 Online and Blended Learning—Richard E. Ferdig, Cathy Cavanaugh, and Joseph R. Freidhoff
6. Cyber Charter Schools: An Alternative to Traditional Brick-and-Mortar Schooling?—Victoria Raish and Ali Carr-Chellman
7. Ensuring Equitable Access in Online and Blended Learning—Raymond M. Rose, Alese Smith, Karen Johnson, and David Glick

Part Three: Case Studies on Practice
8. A Case Study of External Evaluation in Support of a New Virtual School—Kevin Oliver and Tracy Weeks
9. Boise State's Journey to a K–12 Online Teaching Endorsement Program—Dazhi Yang and Kerry Rice
10. Building Blended Charters: A Case Study of the Nexus Academies, U.S.—Mickey Revenaugh
11. A Case Study of Clark County School District's Virtual High School—Jhone M. Ebert and Allison Powerl
12. Virtual High School (Ontario): A Case Study of an Online Private School—John Smallwood, Jennifer Reaburn, and Stephen Baker
13. Barriers to Online Learning in Developing Nations: The Case of Nepal—Cathy Cavanaugh
14. Online Learning in Australia: SCIL as a Case Study—Stephen Hariss
15. Using Virtual Learning Environments to Personalize Learning in U.K. Schools: A Case Study—Helen Boulton and Lisa Hasler Waters
16. A Case Study of Korea's Cyber Home Learning System—Hyeonjin Kim and Jeonghee Seo

Part Four: Summary Thoughts
17. Online, Blended, and Distance Learning in Schools: Summing Up—Michael K. Barbour and Tom Clark

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Reviews & Endorsements:
"This book will help practitioners, administrators, researchers, and policy makers to examine effective practice and future policy developments. This book is accompanied by a wiki that would be useful as part of a course of study or for those undertaking research in this area. The wiki includes Chapter 1, abstracts of the other chapters, and links to related literature and other resources. More resources are likely to be added, making this an enormously valuable site for researchers working on K–12 open flexible and distance learning."
- Rachel Whalley, VLN Primary School , Journal of Open, Flexible and Distance Learning, New Zealand
"Clark and Barbour understand that they have a tiger by the tail. Like any other mega-technology, virtual teaching and learning has enormous potential for both good and for abuse. They have assembled a distinguished cast of scholars to examine the potential and the perils of K-12 technology-mediated instruction. It is the most thoughtful examination of the issues I have ever read."
- Gene V. Glass, Emeritus Regents' Professor, Arizona State University & Research Professor , University of Colorado, Boulder