International Student Engagement
Strategies for Creating Inclusive, Connected, and Purposeful Campus Environments

Foreword by Fanta Aw
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This book responds to the growing calls among international educators, activists, and students themselves to pay closer attention to the qualitative dimensions of international students’ experiences at U.S. colleges and universities.

This book outlines deep approaches to the academic and social integration of international students at U.S. colleges and universities. It describes concrete examples of strategies to enhance the international student experience across a wide range of institutional types, and explores actions that have enabled colleges and universities to create more inclusive, connected, and purposeful campus environments for international students. It fleshes out the effects of these actions through the first person narratives of international students themselves. It focuses on reinforcing an institution’s existing strengths and capacities to help academic leaders at these institutions to develop comprehensive strategies that will enable the creation of inclusive campus climates for international students.

The book combines evidence derived from the national Global Perspective Inventory dataset, the experiences of institutions at the forefront in developing effective strategies, as well as first-person narrative experiences of international students to illustrate the real-life consequences of institutional policies, practice, and programs.

One of the aims of this book is to take readers on a journey, from community colleges to liberal arts institutions to large public flagship research universities, from rural parts of the highly-populated urban areas in order to raise questions about the impact of the surge of international students in these environments and about the corresponding challenges that confront senior administrators seeking to strengthen and deepen connections for the students.

The book explores some of the actions that universities and colleges across the U.S. have taken to create more inclusive, connected, and purposeful campus environments for their international students, placing particular emphasis on the importance of tapping and reinforcing each institution’s existing strengths and capacities in the development of strategies that will enable it to create more inclusive campus climates for current and incoming international students, and engaging in active collaboration with all departments and offices across the campus, with the larger community, and most important, with the international student community itself.

Table of Contents:
Fanta Aw

Introduction: Strengthening Campus Commitments to International Students

Chapter 1: Recognizing and Addressing Cultural Diversity in the Classroom

Chapter 2: Engaging International Students in Campus Leadership

Chapter 3: Friends, Peers, and Social Networks

Chapter 4: Family Relationships, Technology, and Social Media

Chapter 5: Campus Contexts That Foster a Sense of Belonging

Chapter 6: Recommendations for Practice

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Reviews & Endorsements:
"This book provides much to think about, and would be useful for people in a number of different positions within academia. It is a welcome contribution at a time when faculty and administrators are engaging with the question of what it means to have increasing numbers of international students in college, university, and seminary classrooms."
- Reflective Teaching Journal
"This book will be of great value for new professionals entering the student affairs field on campus as international student advisers. It may also play a constructive role in informing campus policy debates swirling around the recruitment of international students."
- International Educator