Fundraising Strategies for Community Colleges
The Definitive Guide for Advancement

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Published: April 2012  

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Publisher: Stylus Publishing
316 pp., 6" x 9"
This book is a co-publication with CASE.

Fundraising Strategies for Community Colleges is a hands-on, step-by-step guide to building a million-dollar-a-year development office.

Community colleges educate nearly half the undergraduates in America yet receive as little as two percent of all gifts to higher education. Private philanthropy is now essential to the mission of community colleges. In order to gain a fair share, community colleges can rely on this book to deploy strategies effectively used by 4-year colleges. The author, Steve Klingaman, has raised over $40 million dollars for two-year and four-year colleges over a 25-year development career.

With its emphasis on planning the work and working the plan, Fundraising Strategies for Community Colleges offers practical advice and concrete steps on how to build a strong advancement team with robust Annual Fund, grants, major gifts, planned giving programs.

Topics include:
* Strategies used at one two-year college that raised $50 million over ten years
* 75 boxed tips on the details that matter most
* How to create an institutional commitment to advancement
* How to enhance the advancement function
* How to build an effective foundation board that gives
* How to grow the Annual Fund with sustainable, repeatable gifts
* Secrets top universities use to close major gifts
* Continuous quality improvement techniques to improve results year after year.

Fundraising Strategies for Community Colleges is the only comprehensive development guide to focus on community college fund raising. Written for development professionals, college presidents, board members, trustees, faculty leaders, and other college leadership, this book is an essential, practical guide that fills a critical gap in the market.

Table of Contents:
1) The Case for Fundraising
2) “Just the Facts, Ma’am”: Assessing Your Development Program
3) Designing a Development Program
4) Culture Change
5) Building the Board
6) Your Strategic Plan
7) Selling the Plan

8) Launch!
9) The Blueprint of an Annual Fund
10) Cultivation and Donor Relations
11) Major Gifts
12) Developing a Full-Featured Program
13) Operating the Program in a Businesslike Manner
14) Advancement for Department Chairs and Other Leaders
15) Contemplating Campaigns
16) Bringing It All Back Home


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Reviews & Endorsements:
"Steve Klingaman's book, Fundraising Strategies for Community Colleges, provides a clear, practical guide for both seasoned professionals and those new to community college fundraising. It outlines best practice development theory and the practical strategies that can help advancement professionals create strong programs and raise significant support for their institutions."
- Linda Myette, CFRE, Executive Director , Parkland College Foundation
"Offers a step-by-step guide on how community colleges can apply the development principles of four-year institutions; topics include building a foundation board, the blueprint for an annual fund, closing on major gifts, and enlisting the faculty in fund raising."
- The Chronicle of Higher Education
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