Leadership Theory and the Community College
Applying Theory to Practice

Foreword by Eduardo J. Padrón
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This book presents leaders and aspiring leaders in community colleges with a theoretical and practical framework for analyzing their leadership styles, and determining the dimensions of leadership they need to improve in order to strengthen their capacity to resolve complex issues and effectively guide their institutions.

It does so through presenting theories about leadership that are congruent with the notions of equity, access, diversity, ethics, critical inquiry, transformational change, and social justice that drive the missions of community colleges, and at the same time provides the reader with the strategic skills to prepare for and navigate the profound changes ahead.

Readers will gain an understanding of how to use theory as a tool to guide their practice, better understand the intricacies of the issues confronting them, the power dynamics and organizational context in which they operate, predict potential outcomes, and develop processes to achieve desired outcomes. Utilizing theory in conjunction with case study analysis provides community college leaders with the tools needed to comprehensively interrogate and inform decision-making processes.

The authors provide a number of rich and realistically complex case studies, all of which are situated in a community college environment, to which readers can apply the various theories and perspectives, develop their view about the principles and actions most likely to lead to satisfactory outcomes, and hone the approaches to leadership that are authentic to them, and effective.

The authors aim to help readers develop the multi-faceted approach to leadership that is essential to running complex organizations. They aim to promote development of the “whole” leader through a three-fold framework of theory, practice, and introspection in context of institutional change. In doing so, leaders will be better equipped to lead community colleges in challenging times.

The authors tie AACC’s competencies to the leadership theories they cover, as well as to the analysis of the case studies, and leadership inventories, as an essential framework for developing the skill sets to enact the community college mission.

The book is suitable for personal reading and reflection, institutional leadership retreats and training, and as a text for higher education courses.

Table of Contents:



1) Reflective Case Leadership Framework
2) Organizational Theory and the Community College: An Overview
3) Bureaucratic Leadership
4) Democratic Leadership
5) Path-Goal Leadership
6) Situational Leadership
7) Ethical Leadership
8) Leader-Member Exchange Theory
9) Political Leadership
10) Systems Leadership
11) Transformational Leadership
12) Symbolic Leadership
13) Transformative Leadership


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Reviews & Endorsements:
"Leadership Theory and the Community College promises a work that applies theory to practice by integrating the American Association of Community Colleges' core competencies for emerging and current community college leaders. The authors offer a dynamic and resourceful discussion focusing on contextualizing theory guided by equity, access, diversity, ethics, critical inquiry, transformational change and social justice as challenges to existing leadership practices. Existing leadership practices include the concepts of equity, access, diversity, ethics, critical inquiry, transformational change, and social justice. The authors claim the business as usual approach is not working and that leadership transformation is required in challenging times. Their purpose is to develop the whole leader through theory, practice, and introspection."
- Community College Journal of Research and Practice
"We are surrounded by talent and our current efforts at reinvention are calling forth a new generation [of leaders] to navigate a new era. The chapters that follow will serve them well. I am betting they and a community of impassioned colleagues will be lifting lessons from these pages and applying them in ways we never dreamed."
- Eduardo J. Padrón, President of Miami Dade College