Assessing and Improving Student Organizations
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Series: An ACPA/NACA Publication
This Workbook is intended for student participants during the AISO assessment and planning sessions, and to be used in tandem with the Guide for Students. Each page presents an action or reflection slide from the Guide with a space below for participants to note their own ideas, outcomes of discussions, and items for action. The Workbook becomes a record of successive assessment and planning sessions, and a resource to refer back to during implementation.

Purpose and Elements of the AISO Program
The Assessing and Improving Student Organization (AISO) program is intended as a guide for leaders of student-led college organizations. It is designed to promote the self-assessment by both organizational leaders and their members, to help them with planning and improvement, and to assist them in responding to reviews by governing bodies and national chapters.

Apart from affording their members a structure for engaging with peers in activities of mutual interest, collegiate organizations provide them with hands-on opportunities for enhancing understanding of groups and organizations, and how they operate, and for acquiring and practicing the leadership, communication and collaborative skills that are so important for personal and professional effectiveness throughout life.

The program consists of three elements: a Guide for Students, a Student Workbook, and a CD-ROM for facilitators.

AISO has been developed under the auspices of NACA and ACPA by two authors who are experts in organizational and leadership development, student affairs, and human resources management.

This is a unique, easy to use, and effective process that reflects input from student leaders.

An ACPA/NACA Publication

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