Effective Practices for Academic Leaders
Strategies for the Academic Search
Edition: Volume 2, Issue 5

Journal: 978 1 57922 167 6 / $20.00
Published: May 2007  

E-Publication (PDF): 978 1 57922 395 3 / $10.00
Published: May 2007  

Publisher: Stylus Publishing
16 pp., 8 1/2" x 11"
Series: Effective Practices for Academic Leaders Archive
Executive Summary
A successful search depends on a clearly understood set of principles accepted by all who engage in the process. These principles include assumptions of confidentiality, integrity, and the need to understand that all searches require recruiting as well as assessing skills. This briefing conveys strategies for a successful search incorporating these principles by taking the reader through each of its stages. It includes advice about what should happen at the important meeting whereby the search committee is charged; strategies for developing and evaluating a wide and diverse pool of candidates; suggestions for record keeping and handling communications with candidates and the academic unit; methods for conducting interviews, with sample questions; and best practices for campus visits. The briefing concludes with strategies for negotiating with candidates.

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