The Multicampus System
Perspectives on Practice, and Prospects

Introduction by Eugene C. Lee, Frank Bowen
Cloth: 978 1 57922 016 7 / $75.00
Published: March 1999  

Publisher: Stylus Publishing
288 pp., 6" x 9"
During the last half-century, multicampus systems have become the dominant model of public higher education in the United States. Approximately 80% of the students currently enrolled in two- and four-year public colleges and universities attend institutions that are part of a multicampus system.

Because of their dominance and public funding most receive, these systems, their Presidents and Chancellors are being subjected to intense and unprecedented scrutiny and to pressures for accountability and productivity.

The distinguished contributors--nationally prominent leaders of four- and two-year multicampus institutions--consider such issues as: How can the leaders and managers of multicampus systems cope with the new operational challenges that confront them? How should, or have, leaders responded to dwindling or unpredictable resources; to new public expectations or formal mandates for accountability and productivity? What should their organizations’ missions be? How can they build on organizational strengths and take advantage of opportunities while minimizing organizational weaknesses and overcoming threats to their existence? How can they formulate desirable strategies and implement them effectively?

This is the first comprehensive examination of multicampus systems that has been conducted since Eugene Lee’s and Frank Bowen’s work in the early 1970’s.The environment within which these institutions operate has since undergone seismic economic, demographic, political and technological shifts.

This book fills an urgent need to provide university and community college leaders, trustees and policy makers with guidance and information for developing effective policies in an increasingly complex and uncertain world.

Table of Contents:
Introduction--Eugene C. Lee and Frank Bowen; Preface--Gerald H. Gaither. Part One: Role, Scope, Mission and Purpose of Multicampus Systems: Management and Leadership Challenges of Multicampus Systems--D. Bruce Johnstone; Many Voices, One Choir: Managing External Affairs--Kevin J. Boatright; Multicampus Systems: The Challenge of the Nineties--Joseph J. Burke. Part Two: Managing Today's System: Higher Education Systems and Strategic Planning--Joseph J. Szutz; Systemwide Strategic Planning in the Knowledge Age--Donald M. Norris; Budget and Budget-Related Policy Issues for Multicampus Systems--Daniel T. Layzell and J. Kent Caruthers; Instructional Productivity of Systems--Michael F. Middaugh. Part Three: Representative Multicampus Systems: The California Experience: The Segmented Approach--William H. Pickens; The Urban System: The University of Houston--William P. Hobby and Sarah Lee Tiede; The Miami-Dade Community College: A Unified Vision for a Multicampus System--Eduardo J. Padrón, Jeffery D. Lukenbill and Theodore Levitt; The Maricopa Community College District: A Culture of Deliberate Transformation--Linda M. Thor, Donna J. Schober and Laura Helminski. Part Four: Challenges to Future Development: Future Trends and Impediments: On the Horizon: The Learning System--Donald N. Langenberg.