Internet Based Learning
A Framework for Higher Education and Business

Paper: 978 1 57922 007 5 / $27.50
Published: May 1998  

Publisher: Stylus Publishing
288 pp., 7" x 9 1/4"
This book is for every teacher or trainer--whose computer skills may be limited--who wants to understand the Internet educationally, and use it in his or her courses.

As institutional pressures mount to integrate the Internet into teaching, this book provides a framework and a hands-on introduction to what’s involved, whether it’s adapting materials and teaching styles for the Web, or designing a virtual course. This book provides:
+ an introduction to the key educational concepts needed to adapt teaching methods and materials to the medium of the Internet
+ an introduction to both basic and advanced Internet skills-from using e-mail to collaborative conferencing
+ a framework for harnessing the Internet to achieve educational goals, and successfully exploiting its resources, features and applications to promote effective learning

The framework starts from the premise that teachers should progressively apply Internet technology as their skills and confidence develop. It develops the concept of “augmented” teaching styles—supplementing traditional teaching with Intenet based options; demonstrates how to use modules as the building blocks for Web-based learning; and shows how to use the Internet to deliver individualized learning, by enhancing personal communication between teacher and student, and addressing the diversity of learning styles.

The book abounds with inspiring and thought-provoking examples of Internet course materials developed by a wide variety of teachers and trainers, including modules and forms created by the authors who have extensive experience in delivering Internet-based courses.

A glossary of terms and directory of Internet sites and resources complete the book, which is also supported by a related Web site.

Table of Contents:
"Tele-learning"—What is it?—Betty Collis, University of Twente, The Netherlands; Preparing for Self-Directed Learning—Deanie French; Learning to Learn in a WWW-Based Environment—Betty Collis and Enrico Meeuwsen, University of Twente, The Netherlands; Across Campus...Examples of Internet Based Learning—Steve Bett, Lamar University, Orange, Texas; Across Industry ... ; Examples of Internet Based Learning—Dave B. Harris, Harris Training and Consulting Services, Inc., Seattle; Customizing Internet Based Learning for You—Deanie French; Benefits: Adult Learning Perspective—Barbara Lyman, Coordinator of Developmental and Adult Education, Southwest Texas University; Creating a Complete Learning Experience—Dave B. Harris; Perspectives on the Future of Internet Based Learning—Charles Johnson.

Reviews & Endorsements:
" [This book] offers inspiring and thought-provoking examples of Internet course materials developed by a wide variety of educators and trainers across many disciplines...[It] is highly recommended, informative reading for student teachers and for classroom instructors at all levels, K-12 and Collegiate."
- Wisconsin Bookwatch
"..the effective use of the Internet to achieve particular pedagogic objectives requires considerable thought and planning. In this context, this book is a very helpful one in that it provides a useful framework for applying Internet technology to support World Wide Web-based learning activities....Overall, I found this book a very easy one to read. It has a reasonably consistent style and pitch - even though the various chapters originate from many different authors....As far as its content is concerned, the book contains lots of useful suggestions and tips for using the Internet as an educational resource. These are reinforced by the extensive index of Web resources that is included in the book."
- Educational Technology Review