Learning from Change
Landmarks in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education from Change Magazine 1969-1999

Edited by Deborah DeZure
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Published: July 2000  

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Published: July 2000  

Publisher: Stylus Publishing
256 pp., 7" x 10"
Since its inception in 1969, Change magazine has been the bellwether of higher education. It has framed the key issues confronting the academy, attracted the best minds, and shaped the debate.

In this important collection, Deborah DeZure and a panel of contributing editors have selected landmark articles on teaching and learning in higher education published in Change from its launch to the present. Through the articles and incisive commentaries we follow the controversies, witness the reception of innovations, and trace the threads of continuity of the past thirty years. What emerges is both an indispensable set of perspectives and a rich resource of models and ideas.

The book spans a period that began in the turmoil of student unrest in the '60s, and concludes at the close of 1999 with higher education grappling with the issues of purpose, accountability, technology and changing demographics.

What is striking about these articles is the vitality and relevance of the voices from the past. They offer valuable insights and inspiration as we plan for the future, and consider how to foster effective teaching and learning environments.

Organized by topic, the articles in each section are introduced by a recognized authority in the field. Deborah DeZure's Introduction and Conclusion offer both the context and an analysis of trends.

Learning from Change constitutes both fascinating reading and an important compass for administrators in higher education, directors of faculty development, and deans, department chairs and faculty engaged in leadership roles in the academy. It is an invaluable introduction and survey for anyone who wants to familiarize him or herself with the issues and trends.

Table of Contents:
Contributing Editors and Sections: Pat Hutchings: Promoting a Culture of Teaching and Learning; K. Patricia Cross: Students: Portraits of Students-A Gallery Tour; Jerry G. Gaff: Curriculum; Zelda F. Gamson: The Origins of Contemporary Learning Communities: Residential colleges, Experimental Colleges, and Living-Learning Communities; Alfredo G. de los Santos Jr.: Work Service and Community Connections; Wilbert J. McKeachie: Philosophy, Psychology, and Methods of Teaching; James Wilkinson: Visiting Across the Disciplines: Change and the National Teaching Project; Daniel Goroff: Science Education Reform: Getting Out the Word; Joan S. Stark and Malcolm A. Lowther: Professional, Graduate and Teacher Education: Criticism and Reform; Barbara D. Wright: Assessing Student Learning; Peter Seldin: Evaluating College Teaching: Myth and Reality; Diane Gillespie: Teacher Narratives; Kenneth C. Green: Media and Technology: Plus ca change

Reviews & Endorsements:
"...provides the reader with a single rich resource from which to draw inspiration, models of good practice, and foundations upon which to build future initiatives....The collaborative work contains more than 160 excerpts and articles organized across 13 broadly defined subject areas. Each topic is introduced by experts who help the reader understand the breadth and complexity of the material presented....Although the 13 topical chapters are helpful if you are looking for specific categories, I often simply pick up this book and randomly read when I have a few moments to seek inspiration - and I don't think I have ever been disappointed. How many books can make that claim?"
- AAHE Bulletin
"This book is a rich resource that has already found its way onto higher education bibliographies. DeZure frames the text with opening and closing remarks that provide noteworthy reflection on the changes in higher education over this significant period of time. Teaching and learning, she concludes, has become more "democratized," providing access and lowering barriers across nearly every line imaginable."
- Journal of Chemical Engineering choice for Summer Reading 2001
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