Training with a Beat
The Teaching Power of Music

Illustrated by Chuck Johnston
Foreword by Margaret Parkin
Cloth: 978 1 57922 000 6 / $39.95
Published: June 2000  

Publisher: Stylus Publishing
224 pp., 6 1/2" x 9 1/2"
Music holds amazing power over us. While it permeates and gives rhythm to our lives, most of us take it for granted and rarely consider its impact and potential. Training with a Beat is a lively introduction to understanding that force, and applying it to training.

This practical "how-to" guide is written with the musical layperson in mind. The author reveals in straightforward language why music is a critical learning resource, explains the necessary concepts and terms, and concludes with vivid examples of practice and a list of suggested resources. He provides all the background and tools to enable trainers and educators confidently to use music to improve learning.

A valuable and extensive appendix lists recommended CDs and offers track-by-track examples of potential training applications.

Readers of this book will:

Discover how music contributes to learning
Understand music theory principles relevant to learning
Know how to select music appropriate for different training situations
Discover effective musical games and activities and how they teach
Understand the related legal and copyright issues

This unique resource will be welcomed by trainers, facilitators, presenters and adult educators looking for additional tools to add impact to their material and improve learning outcomes.

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Reviews & Endorsements:
"This book, written by a professor who is also a business trainer and musician, is a theory and research-based (but practical) 'how-to' guide for speakers, trainers, and educators who wish to use instrumental and vocal music to enhance the learning potential and entertainment value of their presentations. Much like employing a graphic to make a point in a slide presentation, a presenter might choose a recording of a musical piece to produce any one of a number of effects such as developing a positive learning environment, creating a sound metaphor for an idea, or transporting the audience to a different time and place. Designed for the scholarly but non musician reader, [this book] includes criteria for selecting specific music to meet the requirements posed by particular situations and audiences. Speakers, trainers and educators may all find something of value here."

- National Association of Medical Communicators News
"Research has already proved music to be a powerful teaching tool which maximizes the brain's natural learning abilities. Lenn's book gives us practical tools and techniques that bring the theories to life. This book should overcome any hesitation you might have about using music in training."
- From the Foreword by Margaret Parkin, author of Tales for Trainers
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