Rethinking Leadership in a Complex, Multicultural, and Global Environment
New Concepts and Models for Higher Education

Edited by Adrianna Kezar
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Published: April 2009  

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Published: June 2011  

Publisher: Stylus Publishing
270 pp., 6" x 9"
The complexity of the decisions that today’s higher education leaders face—as they engage with a diversifying student body, globalization and technological advances—requires embracing new ways of thinking about leadership.

This book examines the new theories and concepts of leadership that are described in the multidisciplinary literature on leadership, and are being applied in other sectors—from government to the non-profit and business communities—to explore the implications for leaders and leadership programs in higher education.

At a time when the heroic, controlling, and distant leader of the past has given way to a focus on teams, collectives and social change, the contributors to this book ask: What new skills and competencies should leaders and programs be addressing?

The recognition of the interdependence of groups within organizations, and between organizations; of cultural and social differences; and of how technology has sped up decision time and connected people across the globe; have changed the nature of leadership as well as made the process more complex and diffuse.

This book is addressed to anyone developing institutional, regional or national leadership development programs; to aspiring leaders planning to participate in such programs; and to campus leaders concerned with the development and pipeline of emerging leaders. It will be particularly useful for administrators in faculty development offices who are planning and creating workshops in leadership training, and for staff in human resource offices who offer similar training.

Contributors: Laurel Beesemyer; Rozana Carducci; Pamela Eddy; Tricia Bertram Gallant; Lynn Gangone; Cheryl Getz; Jeni Hart; Jerlando F. L. Jackson; Lara Jaime; Adrianna Kezar; Bridget R. McCurtis; Sharon McDade; Robert J. Nash; Elizabeth M. O’Callahan; Sue V. Rosser; Lara Scott.

Table of Contents:
Acknowledgements; Preface—Adrianna Kezar; 1) Revolutionizing Leadership Development: Lessons from Research and Theory—Adrianna Kezar and Rozana Carducci; 2) The HERS Institute: Revolutionary Leadership Development for Women—Lynn M. Gangone; 3) Developing Leaders of Color in Higher Education: Can Contemporary Programs Address Historical Employment Trends?—Bridget R. McCurtis, Jerlando F. L. Jackson, and Elizabeth M. O’Callahan; 4) Facing Organizational Complexity and Change: A Case-In-Point Approach to Leadership Development—Tricia Bertram Gallant and Cheryl Getz; 5) Creating a New Breed of Academic Leaders from STEM Women Faculty: National Science Foundation’s ADVANCE Program—Sue V. Rosser; 6) Spirituality, Religious Pluralism, and Higher Education Leadership Development—Robert J. Nash and Lara Scott; 7) Leadership Programs for a Family-Friendly Campus—Jaime Lester; 8) Creating Faculty Activism and Grassroots Leadership: An Open Letter to Aspiring Activists—Jeni Hart; 9) Changing The Guard in Community Colleges: The Role of Leadership Development—Pamela Eddy; 10) Higher Education Leadership Development Programs in the Marketplace—Sharon A. McDade; 11) Reflections on the Leadership Marketplace—Adrianna Kezar and Laurel Beesemyer; About the Contributors; Index.

Reviews & Endorsements:
"Indeed Rethinking Leadership Practices is an excellent compilation of the concepts, models, and good practices to develop the contemporary leadership capacity so needed in a new generation of college leaders... The audience for this book is any administrator accountable to develop talent and capacity for facult and staff in the leadership pipeline. With the admonition that old models of training will not develop leadership capacities so needed in today's times, Kezar and her authors present successful models taht have developed women and professionals of color over the years... Each chapter is well written, rich in context and detail, well researched with useful resources, and anchored by direct practical applications. The chapters are uniformly of high quality. Many students tell me they usually skip the "preface," but in this book, that would be a big mistake! This preface is a substantive contribution to the evolution of leadership development programs and framework for the argument for the book."
- The Review of Higher Education
"Many resources on higher education leadership are of only passing relevance to department chairs. Not this one. While not all of the chapters will be of interest to the typical chair, most of them will, particularly the introductory overview and the chapters on complexity, activism, and ethics. Here even the most jaded consumer of "airport leadership" books will find provocative and maybe even inspiring material."
- The Department Chair
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