The Evolving Challenges of Black College Students
New Insights for Policy, Practice, and Research

Foreword by Lemuel Watson
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Presenting new empirical evidence and employing fresh theoretical perspectives, this book sheds new light on the challenges that Black Students face from the time they apply to college through their lives on campus.

The contributors make the case that the new generation of Black students differ in attitudes and backgrounds from earlier generations, and demonstrate the importance of understanding the diversity of Black identity.

Successive chapters address the nature and importance of Black spirituality for reducing isolation and race-related stress, and as a source of meaning making; students’ college selection and decision process and the expectations it fosters; first-generation Black women’s motivations for attending college; the social-psychological determinants of academic achievement, and how resiliency can be developed and nurtured; institutional climate and the role of cultural centers; as well as identity development; and mentoring. The book includes a new research study of African American male undergraduates who identify as gay or bisexual; discusses the impact of student-to-student interactions in intellectual development and leadership building; describes the successful strategies used by historically Black institutions with at-risk men; considers the role of parents in Black male students’ lives, and the applicability of the “millennial” label to the new cohort of African American students.

The book offers new insights and concrete recommendations for policies and practices to provide the social and academic support for African American students to persist and fully benefit from their collegiate experience. It will be of value to student affairs personnel and faculty; constitutes a textbook for courses on student populations and their development; and provides a springboard for future research.

Table of Contents:
Foreword--Lemuel W. Watson
Introduction: The State of Empirical Research on African American Collegians—Terrell Strayhorn
1) Knowing God, Knowing Self: African American College Students and Spirituality—Dafina Stewart
2) Choosing College as a Life or Death Decision: First-generation African American Women’s Reflections on College Choice—Rachele Winkle-Wagner
3) Buoyant Believers: Resilience, Self-Efficacy, and Academic Success of Low-Income African American Collegians—Terrell Strayhorn
4) Focusing on Achievement: African American Student Persistence in the Academy—Fred Bonner
5) Triple Threat: Challenges and Supports of Black Gay Men at Predominantly White Campuses—Terrell Strayhorn, Amanda Blakewood, and James DeVita
6) Challenges and Supports of Student-to-Student Interactions: Insights on African American Collegians—Belinda McFeeters
7) “A Home Aaway From Home”: Black Cultural Centers as Supportive Environments for African American Collegians at White Institutions—Terrell Strayhorn, Melvin Terrell, Jane Redmond, and Chutney Walton
8) The Uniqueness of an HBCU Environment: How a Supportive Campus Climate Promotes Student Success—Robert Palmer and Estelle Young
9) College-Bound Sons: Exploring Parental Influences on the Pre-Entry Attributes of Black Males—Darryl Holloman and Terrell Strayhorn
10) Mentoring and African American Undergraduates’ Perceptions of Academic Success—Tonya Saddler
11) New Directions for Future Research on African American Collegians—Terrell Strayhorn

Reviews & Endorsements:
"Challenges that confront Black college students today are different from those faced by earlier generations, but today’s students are hardly a monolithic group, the authors conclude. In this book, 14 scholars look at a variety of issues, including the importance of spirituality for Black students, “life or death” college choice dilemmas for Black women, high achievement in spite of adversity, the environment for gay males on campuses and the challenges for Black male students. The book aims to help researchers, faculty, administrators and students understand the college environment and produce better outcomes."
- Diverse: Issues in Higher Education
"Writings on the black collegiate experience at both predominatly white and historically black institutions; topics include parental influence and institutional support."
- The Chronicle of HIgher Education
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