Developing Outcomes-Based Assessment for Learner-Centered Education
A Faculty Introduction

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Published: June 2007  

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Published: December 2011  

Publisher: Stylus Publishing
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The authors--a once-skeptical chemistry professor and a director of assessment sensitive to the concerns of her teacher colleagues--use a personal voice to describe the basics of outcomes-based assessment.

The purpose of the book is to empower faculty to develop and maintain ownership of assessment by articulating the learning outcomes and evidence of learning that are appropriate for their courses and programs.

The authors offer readers a guide to the not always tidy process of articulating expectations, defining criteria and standards, and aligning course content consistently with desired outcomes. The wealth of examples and stories, including accounts of successes and false starts, provide a realistic and honest guide to what's involved in the institutionalization of assessment.

Table of Contents:
Why Develop Outcomes for Assessment and Learning? Why Not?; 2) A Culture for Faculty Learning about Outcomes-Based Assessment: Honoring and Addressing the Realities; 3) Outcomes—Articulating Our Learning Expectations; 4) Student Evidence: Designing Assignments and Assessments for Diverse Learners; 5) Criteria and Standards for Assessment: No Longer a Faculty Secret; 6) Faculty Responses to Development of Outcomes-Based Assessment Protocols; 7) Going beyond Making Assessment “Public and Visible”; 8) Alignment: Making Explicit Connections between Teaching Decisions and Learning Outcomes; 9) Reviewing and Analyzing Student Evidence: Constructivist Faculty Development; 10) Faculty Responses to Assessment of Student Evidence; 11) Moving to Outcomes-Based Assessment and Learner-Centered Education through the Scholarship of Teaching, Learning, and Assessment; Faculty Teaching Vignette One: Connection, Reflection, and Assessment: Assessing Learning Outcomes in a Multicultural Conflict Resolution Course; Faculty Teaching Vignette Two: Graphic Organizers Guide Students to Achieve Multiple Learning Outcomes: Constructing Meaning in a Community-Based Watershed Restoration Course; Faculty Teaching Vignette Three: First-Year Seminar: Orienting Students to Outcomes-Based Education; Commencement Speech; Assessment Web Site Resource List; Glossary; Annotated Bibliography; Index.

Reviews & Endorsements:
"The personal approach of this book reads like a conversation with the authors, making it feel manageable. The case studies that begin each chapter provide a realistic perspective of the pitfalls and successes of outcomes-based education. There are many useful tools and perspectives provided throughout this book for faculty and administrators. The concept of creating a learning-centered environment is not new, but is clearly articulated throughout thus book. For institutions engaging in this kind of educational approach this is an excellent resource."
- Journal of College Student Development
“A robust, lively, and instructive narrative about building a culture of inquiry, this is a must-read for faculty, staff, and campus leaders. Driscoll and Wood describe and chronicle all of the successes and challenges they encounter as they collaborate with their colleagues to establish a meaningful and sustainable commitment to assessing student learning.”
- Peggy Maki
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