From Cloister To Commons
Concepts and Models for Service Learning in Religious Studies

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Published: January 2002  

Publisher: Stylus Publishing
208 pp., 6" x 9"
Series: Service Learning in the Disciplines Series
This volume, like its series companions, goes beyond simple "how-to" to discuss the implementation of service-learning within religious studies and what that discipline contributes to the pedagogy of service learning. The volume contains both theoretical and pedagogical essays by scholar-teachers in religious studies education, plus a resource guide.

Table of Contents:
Foreword—Raymond Brady Williams
About This Series—Edward Zlotkowski
Introduction—Richard Devine, Josef Hellebrandt and Michael McLain

Part I: Service-Learning and the Discipline of Religious Studies
1) Service-Learning and the Dilemma of Religious Studies: Descriptive or Normative?—Fred Glennon
2) Creating the Engaged University: Service-Learning, Religious Studies, and Institutional Mission—Charles R. Strain

Part II: Service-Learning and Its Communities
3) Making Meaning: Reflections on Community, Service, and Learning—Keith Morton
4) On En/Countering the Other—Elizabeth M. Bounds, Barbara A.B. Patterson, and Tina Pippin
5) Service-Learning and Community Partnerships: Curricula of Mutuality—Peter M. Antoci and Sandra K. Smith Speck
6) Expanding the Horizon of Engagement: Pioneering Work at the University of Denver—M. Elizabeth Blissman

Part III: Course Chapters
7) Toward an Assessment-Based Approach to Service-Learning Course Design—Thomas G. McGowan
8) Service-Learning in an Introduction to Theology Course—Robert Masson
9) "God and Human Suffering" as a Service-Learning Course—Chris Johnson
10) "Religion and Social Engagement: Labor and Business Ethics"—John Leahy and Kim Bobo
11) Making a Difference With Service-Learning: "Christian Ethics and Modern Problems"—Walther H. Schuman
12) The Interweaving of "World Religions" and Service-Learning in a Community College Setting—Raj Ayyar
13) The Role of Service-Learning in the Transformation of "Islam: Faith and Practice"—Jonathan Brumberg-Kraus
14) "The History and Religion of Ancient Israel": An Introductory Course to the Hebrew Bible—Bradley D. Dudley
15) "Fieldwork in the Jewish Community"—Terry Smith Hatkoff

1) Print and Electronic Resource Guide
2) Contributors to This Volume