Writing the Community
Concepts and Models for Service-Learning in Composition

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Published: January 1997  

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Published: December 2011  

Publisher: Stylus Publishing
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Series: Service Learning in the Disciplines Series
The first volume in AAHE and Campus Compact’s series on service-learning in the disciplines, the book discusses the microrevolution in college-level Composition through service-learning. The essays in this volume show why service-learning and communication are a natural pairing and give a background on the relationship between service-learning and communication with maps to suggest where it should go in the future.

Table of Contents:
Foreword by Edward Zlotkowski

Introduction to this Volume
Service-Learning and Composition at the Crossroads by Linda Adler-Kassner, Robert Crooks, and Ann Watters

Service-Learning: Help for Higher Education in a New Millennium? by Lillian Bridwell-Bowles
Writing Across the Curriculum and Community Service Learning: Correspondences, Cautions, and Futures by Tom Deans
Community Service Writing: Problems, Challenges, Questions by Nora Bacon
Community Service and Critical Teaching by Bruce Herzberg
Rhetoric Made Real: Civic Discourse and Writing Beyond the Curriculum by Paul Heilker
Democratic Conversations: Civic Literacy and Service-Learning in the American Grains by David D. Cooper and Laura Julier
Partners in Inquiry: A Logic for Community Outreach by Linda Flower
Service-Learning: Bridging the Gap Between the Real World and the Composition Classroom by Wade Dorman and Susann Fox Dorman
Systems Thinking, Symbiosis, and Service: The Road to Authority for Basic Writers by Rosemary L. Arca
Combining the Classroom and the Community: Service-Learning in Composition at Arizona State University by Gay W. Brack and Leanna R. Hall
The Write for Your Life Project: Learning to Serve by Serving to Learn by Patricia Lambert Stock and Janet Swenson
On Reflection: The Role of Logs and Journals in Service-Learning Courses by Chris M. Anson

Annotated Bibliography
Community Service and Composition by Nora Bacon and Tom Deans

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