Learning By Doing
Concepts and Models for Service-Learning in Accounting

Edited by D. V. Rama
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Published: January 1998  

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Published: December 2011  

Publisher: Stylus Publishing
240 pp., 6" x 9"
Series: Service Learning in the Disciplines Series
The fifth volume in a AAHE and Campus Compact’s series on service-learning in the disciplines, this volume focuses on curriculum reform in accounting programs based on goals identified by accounting educators and describes specific implementations across the accounting curriculum. A practical guide with real solutions for both accounting educators and students.

Table of Contents:
About This Series by Edward Zlotkowski
Introduction by D.V. Rama

Part One: Theoretical Essays on Service-Learning In Accounting
Service-Learning: An Active-Learning Approach for Accounting Education by D.V. Rama
Service-Learning: The Accountants for the Public Interest Perspective by Wayne G. Bremser
"What I Do, I Understand": Service-Learning in Accounting Curricula by William L. Weis
Service-Learning in Accounting: A Department Chair's Perspective by Alfonso R. Oddo

Part Two: Implementation Approaches
Service-Learning: A “Free Enterprise” Model for Accounting Faculty by Curtis L. DeBerg
Expanding the Boundaries of Accounting Education Through Service-Learning by Lynn M. Pringle
Service-Learning in Accounting: A Role for VITA Tax Programs by Janice Carr
Tax Assistance Program Provides Service-Learning at Notre Dame and St. Mary's College by Ken Milani
Volunteer Income Tax Assistance and the Use of Technology by Nathan Oestreich, Carol Venable, and Martha Doran
Service-Learning Project in the Accounting Information Systems Course: Implementation Without the Benefit of Hindsight by Alfred R. Michenzi
Reaching Our Goals Together in Service-Learning: A Multi-Semester Accounting Information Systems Course Implementation by Margarita Maria Lenk
Service-Learning in a Capstone Course by James W. Woolley
Teaching Professional Accounting Ethics With Service-Learning by Susan P. Ravenscroft
Student Consulting Organizations: An Alternative Approach to Service-Learning by Timothy S. Mech
Service-Learning Projects in Accounting: Implementation Strategies by D.V. Rama

Service-Learning in Accounting Education by Paul Locatelli

Annotated Bibliography
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