Learning and Changing
Through Programmatic Self-Study and Peer Review

Foreword by Peter T. Ewell
Paper: 978 1 56377 067 8 / $16.95
Published: June 2004  

Publisher: Stylus Publishing
70 pp.,
What happens when faculty and staff from three universities work together over a six-year period to improve programs for first-year students? This book describes what was achieved through the communities of practice created on campus and among campuses and through the process of programmatic self-study, which uses collaboration and evaluation techniques that are widely transferable across projects, programs, and institutions.

Table of Contents:
Foreword by Peter T. Ewell; Chapter 1: Defining Common Needs; Chapter 2: Programmatic Self-Study and Peer Review (PSSPR); Chapter 3: Designing PSSPR; Chapter 4: Results and Benefits; Chapter 5: Where Did PSSPR Lead?; Chapter 6: A Word About Costs; Chapter 7: Recommendations for Using PSSPR; Appendices; Agenda and Schedule, along with References and Additional Readings.

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