Making a Place in the Faculty Rewards System for Work with K-12
A Project Report of Four Universities

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Published: January 1999  

Publisher: Stylus Publishing
120 pp., 9 3/4" x 11"
A source of inspiration and instruction for institutions and individuals considering crossing the invisible “line” separating higher education from K-12. Describes a collaboration of four universities (Temple, Texas at El Paso, CSU-Northridge, and Southern Colorado) to create a coherent K-16 experience for both teachers and learners by giving faculty participation in schools a place in the faculty reward system. Offers lessons learned, and suggests strategies for others undertaking to honor such faculty work. Includes institutional case studies, plus essays from a dozen participating faculty and administrators.

Table of Contents:
PROLOGUE by Dan Tompkins; OVERVIEW REPORT: The Public Schools Rewards Project: A Higher Ed Tough One—Crystal J. Gips; INSTITUTIONAL REPORTS: California State University, Northridge—Sharon Klein; Temple University—Dan Tompkins; University of Southern Colorado—Donna Watkins; University of Texas at El Paso—Kathleen Staudt and Jack Bristol; FACULTY ESSAYS: Introduction--Carol Stoel; English; Educational Renewal Connections: The Development of English Education at the University of Texas at El Paso—TommyJ Boley; Learning to Teach: Where University Meets Universe—Amy Birge; Research and Student Achievement: Developing K-16 Work at the Institute for the Study of Literature, Literacy, and Culture—Steve Parks; My Experience With K-16 Work—William E. Sheidley; HISTORY: Education Renewal Connections: Experiences in History—Nicole Etcheson; Betwixt and Between: A Shifting Understanding of School-College Collaboration—Morris J. Vogel; LANGUAGES AND LINGUISTICS: Reflections of One Linguist—Sharon Klein; Educational Renewal Connections: Experiences in Modern Languages—Joan H. Manley; Personal Reflections—Dan Tompkins; POLITICAL SCIENCE: The Eco-Literacy Project at Cal State Northridge—Matthew Cahn; Educational Renewal Connections: Experiences in Political Science—Kathleen Staudt and Gregory Rocha; PSYCHOLOGY AND SOCIOLOGY: Education Renewal: Prospects for Psychology—Lawrence D. Cahn; A Sociologist's Perspective on Educational Renewal—Cheryl Howard; SCIENCE: The Public Schools Rewards Project: A Scientist's Perspective—Steve Oppenheimer; My K-16 Involvement—Jack A. Seilheimer; REFERENCES. The report of a project supported by AAHE, The Education Trust, and FIPSE.

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