Michael G. Moore
Michael G. Moore is known in academic circles for his leadership in promoting the scholarship of distance education and online learning. He published his first statement of theory about distance education in 1972, and has achieved a number of "firsts" in this field.

While teaching the first graduate course in this subject at University of Wisconsin in the mid 70's, he was contributory to founding the national annual conference there. Appointed to The Pennsylvania State University in 1986, he founded the first American journal (American Journal of Distance Education) and established the first sequence of taught graduate courses, including the first such courses taught online. Moore has served on the editorial boards of all the main journals of distance education, and about a hundred publications include the books, Contemporary Issues in American Distance Education (Pergamon Press, 1990), Distance Education: a Systems View, co-authored with G. Kearsley (Wadsworth Publishers, Third Edition, 2011 in press), published in Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Portugese, and the Handbook of Distance Education (Third Edition 2012).
Books by Michael G. Moore :
Practical Guidance for Effective Instruction and Lab Work
Foreword by Michael G. Moore
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