Deborah W. Meier
Deborah W. Meier is currently at New York University’s Steinhardt School of Education, as senior scholar a as well as Board member and director of New Ventures at Mission Hill, director and advisor to Forum for Democracy and Education, and on the Board of The Coalition of Essential Schools. Meier has spent more than four decades working in public education as a teacher, writer and public advocate. She began her teaching career as a kindergarten and headstart teacher in Chicago, Philadelphia and New York City schools. She was the founder and teacher-director of a network of highly successful public elementary schools in East Harlem. In 1985 she founded Central Park East Secondary School, a New York City public high school in which more than 90% of the entering students went on to college, mostly to 4-year schools. During this period she founded a local Coalition center, which networked approximately fifty small Coalition-style K-12 schools in the city.
Books by Deborah W. Meier :
Models for Promoting Achievement with Disadvantaged and Underrepresented Students by Creating Community
Foreword by Deborah W. Meier
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Published: May 2011 

Lib E-Book: 978 1 57922 607 7
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Published: March 2012 
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Paper: 978 1 57922 311 3
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