Chance W. Lewis
Chance W. Lewis is the Houston Endowment Inc., Endowed Chair and Associate Professor of Urban Education and the Co-Director of the urban education graduate program in the College of Education at Texas A&M University. Additionally, Dr. Lewis is the Co-Director of the Center for Urban School Partnerships at Texas A&M University. Dr. Lewis also serves as the Deputy Director for the Center of African American Research and Policy (CAARP) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. During his career, Dr. Lewis has over 100 publications include over 50 refereed journal articles in some of the leading academic journals in the field of urban education and teacher education. Additionally, he has received over $4 million in external research funds to support his research. To date, Dr. Lewis has author/co-authored/co-edited 4 books: White Teachers/Diverse Classrooms: A Guide for Building Inclusive Schools, Eliminating Racism and Promoting High Expectations (Stylus, 2006), The Dilemmas of Being an African American Male in the New Millennium: Solutions for Life Transformation; An Educator’s Guide to Working with African American Students: Strategies for Promoting Academic Success (Infinity, 2008); and Transforming Teacher Education: What Went Wrong with Teacher Training and How We Can Fix It (Stylus, 2010). Finally, Dr. Lewis has provided consultative services (i.e., professional development and research services) to over 100 school districts and universities across the United States and Canada. Dr. Lewis can be reached by e-mail at or via his website at
Books by Chance W. Lewis :
What Went Wrong with Teacher Training, and How We Can Fix It
Foreword by Peter McLaren
288 pages, 6" x 9",
Cloth: 978 1 57922 436 3
Price: $95.00
Published: April 2010 

Lib E-Book: 978 1 57922 551 3
Price: $95.00
Published: March 2012 
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Paper: 978 1 57922 437 0
Price: $32.50
Published: April 2010 

E-Book: 978 1 57922 552 0
Price: $25.99
Published: March 2012 

Creating Inclusive Schools, Building on Students’ Diversity, and Providing True Educational Equity
Edition: 2 , 
384 pages, 6" x 9",
Cloth: 978 1 57922 595 7
Price: $95.00
Published: May 2011 

Lib E-Book: 978 1 57922 597 1
Price: $95.00
Published: March 2012 
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Paper: 978 1 57922 596 4
Price: $33.50
Published: April 2011 

E-Book: 978 1 57922 598 8
Price: $26.99
Published: February 2012 

Teachers and Students of Color Talk Candidly about Connecting with Black Students and Transforming Educational Outcomes
Edited by Julie Landsman
CD-ROM & DVD: 978 1 57922 214 7
Price: $71.00
Published: April 2007